XJ Jack: “Scorpions in My Pocket” obliterates the ears with an explosive beat and pounding rap verses!

Producer, Artist, and Songwriter XJ Jack, who creates and resides in Istanbul, Turkey has released the single and supporting video for “Scorpions in My Pocket”, a track off his critically acclaimed album, entitled “Scorpions”. XJ Jack who has been dedicated to making music since he was sixteen years old and has been acting since fourteen, has also been an Akademia Music Award winner twice.

 XJ-Jack-scorpions-single-350“Scorpions in My Pocket” obliterates the ears with an explosive beat and pounding rap verses. A track that radiates with intense, high energy and makes for an action packed, electronic soundtrack for any video gaming session, dance floor, outdoor adventure. Bringing the intensity here that so many electronica and rap fans crave compared to music that might rest slow and sleepy. Full speed ahead, XJ Jack does not once surrender the beat.

 XJ Jack throws down the Hard-N-Heavy rocking electronica dance tracks with-an-edge like nobody else can. He really keeps you pumped and fired on all cylinders throughout with nary a dull moment to be had! Reminiscent of old skool rave with a fiery modern drop bass line breakdown. The whole track comes at you like a freight train. There is truly a great groove to be found here.

Baron also ably assists the soundscape with a wicked deadpan flow that runs the rhythmic gauntlet perfectly. I watched the song on YouTube a few times in a row and was impressed, both by visual and the sonics. That XJ Jack raw, edgy sound is very strong on this track. Listening to the latest electronic music that is offered today, it’s striking how uninteresting it all sounds; kick, snare, hi-hat, and drop.

Yet, XJ Jack and “Scorpions in My Pocket” is a strong reminder that once an artist decides to move away from the commercial machine and focus its energy on creating dynamic music with a purpose, their audience will be pleased. And that is exactly what XJ Jack has achieved here!


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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