Wil E. Haze: “Music 2 Smoke 2 vol. 2 Dank Dynasty” – the project is full of “weed raps” and well produced songs!

The months flow by, seasons change, and rappers come up, only to disappear seemingly overnight. Such is the nature of the hip hop industry, what is hot today is old news tomorrow. Wil E. Haze and his stoner rap is the exception to this trend. Back in 2014, “Oxygen Breaks” in collaboration with 2Bongz hit the scene in a big way, containing the classics “That Good Weed” and “Smokaz Club”.

Today, Wil E. Haze’s latest release, “Music 2 Smoke 2 vol. 2 Dank Dynasty”, does not disappoint. The tracks are a lot deeper, and the flow is tight. The song topics don’t deviate too much; there is plenty weed smoking! The thing is, Wil E. Haze knows how to come correct and make you play this thing until you know every word.

wilehaze-music2-400Some of the best songs on this album are “Get High”, “Cake For The Pound”, “Coast Of Reefa”, “Sweet Swisha Smoke” “Til I’m High ft. Big Fee”, “Take Another Hit ft. Steve Elkin”, “Prohibition”, “I Told You” and “Midnight Rider”. Try as I might, there is not one song on this album that I can honestly say is a dud though. There are songs that I personally didn’t love as much as others, as with all albums, but to name one song that was downright bad, nope. I say, this is my favorite stoner-rap album of all time!

Wil E. Haze and his features come so hard here and does not sell out here. No commercial crap. You want commercial crap go somewhere else. You ain’t gonna find it here. What you will find here is some real rap. Wil E. Haze comes out his hardest here, and stays underground, keeping this album real. He sticks to a winning rhyme scheme presenting his weed-storytelling, songwriting, and musicality at its finest.

But, you don’t come to Wil E. Haze just for the lyrics; you come for a varied, catchy flow over an interesting production. So most regular listeners know what to expect from Wil E. Haze at this point: feel good tunes about smoking weed and chillin’. And this album does exactly what it’s supposed to do – the project is full of “weed raps” and well produced songs. It is packed with great new material. If you like Wil E. Haze…or weed, even just a little bit – go get “Music 2 Smoke 2 vol. 2 Dank Dynasty”!


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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