“Watch It Burn” – Sword In Stone knows who exactly they are, and they bring the goods to the table!

Forming out of their love for pop harmonies, jangly guitars and dark indie undertones, Sword In Stone have been sitting at #8 on the Pop Charts, #10 on the Rock Charts, #10 on the Indie Charts and #27 on the Overall charts on Triple J Unearthed, as well as gaining airplay on Radio Adelaide. This hasn’t been the first promising venture for members, Adam Horwood, Damian Tohl, Gavin Kelner and Jeff DeBoar, having already supported The Angels, Thirsty Merc and Nickleback as well as playing prestigious festivals around Australia and New Zealand. Sword In Stone are also set to play a show at the Ed Castle on the 30th of January 2016.

SWORD-IN-STONE-coverDrawn in by the magnificent “Watch It Burn” single cover I must admit, Sword In Stone surprised me because it was pretty dang good. What’s great about the track is that Sword In Stone knows who exactly they are, and they bring the goods to the table. Their originality is strikingly effective and cherry topped by the great vocal and harmony work. Add the superb guitar and solos, and I’m hailing it one of the best alternative songs of 2015.

Sword In Stone skillfully combines alternative rock styles with their own hard hitting vocals and lyrics for an amazing new sound. I had been very tearfully resigning myself to the ear-maddening din of predictability that has recently plagued the rock music world when I heard this band. It made me laugh out loud and smile for the first time in months. It was such a pleasant surprise and relief to hear new talent. I felt like I could breathe again. This band gives me hope that the music I love still has the strength to endure into the next decade and beyond.

Sword In Stone’s “Watch It Burn” is both surprising and impressive. The surefootedness of the track makes it clear that the band already knew what they wanted their music to sound like long before their demo releases. Sword In Stone have their own crossover alt-pop sound, but the raw emotion and sonic energy is reminiscent of some of the greatest alternative bands ever. While maintaining a steady rock defiance, they remain poetic, sharp and melodic which is a pretty tough line to follow. Vocal harmonies can be heard throughout “Watch It Burn” which accompanies some brilliant guitar work.


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