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Walrus Tales & Planet V: “Matchsticks (Vocal Mix)” – deliciously mysterious!

On their latest release “Matchsticks (Vocal Mix)”, Walrus Tales reinvent themselves and produce a sound so different from their previous release. They’re so incredibly versatile and have talent and imagination beyond the scope of what people usually expect from musicians these days, especially electronic orientated ones at that. It would also be fair to add that they are ably assisted by Planet V’s addiction to bass, which is almost the main feature on this track, if it wasn’t for the surreal vocals that add an intriguing dimension to the music.

Walrus-Tales-Planet-v-350That said, I appreciate the fact that they don’t stick to some tried-and-tested formula that appeals to mainstream audiences. The low bass tones, together with the high register vocals, smother the track with sophistication and sensuality. Quite simply Walrus Tales & Planet V has given us another beautiful work of art. A song of grand hypnotic soundscapes; the vocals are stunning, the lyrics beautifully moving, and the arrangement luxurious and mesmerizing. It is without a doubt even more deliciously mysterious than “Drifting” was.

This is quintessential Walrus Tales. But analyzing music in detail is rather pointless sometimes. The simple key factor is that no matter what Walrus Tales play, you always feel something. Andy E and Wally T don’t produce cotton candy. They don’t produce throwaway pop. They’re not even attempting to be trendy. Instead they’re just experimenting and creating music that is beautiful, thoughtful, and impeccably written, recorded and arranged!

“Matchsticks (Vocal Mix)” by Walrus Tales & Planet V is a good introduction for new fans, as well as a nice reminder to any previous fans as to why it’s so easy to fall in love with their music!

More About: Andy E and Wally T, from Pittsburgh make up Walrus Tales. Currently based in Miami, they both left college to pursue a career in music. Coming from a love of both Edm and Jazz, they seek to bring complexity and intelligence to electronic scene. They also operate on a schedule of “vocal honesty”, leaving their vocals nearly raw in their studio based projects.


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