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United Statements: “Recesshine” -Purist Hiphop At its Best!

CMplex and Eon MC Etc. or rather United Statements are back after their critical acclaimed EP, “Heroes in Exile”. The duo will soon be releasing their follow-up EP, “Recesshine”. As you can tell by the play on words, the Ep is about living through the recession. This time around CMplex and Eon MC Etc. are joined by the hot new emcee, Adduci, on his debut here. 

From the spoken word intro of “I Remember When”, to the somber voiced outro on “Paradise”, this socially conscious Ep educates, provokes, resuscitates and beats you into submission. And there’s not a moment wasted. “Just Saying” has one of the coolest flows and bass line’s to be found in a rap record this year, and is positively addictive.

As is to be expected of United Statements, though very catchy to the ear, “Recesshine” is not mainstream pop-rap fodder, but mind expansive, ambitious hip hop, that not only educates, but keeps your head nodding all the way through. This is what they call “Resistance Rap”. It’s the primary ‘weapon’ United Statements use to combat political and social oppression, as well as censorship.

The grooves perfectly support the hard-hitting, socially aware, and endlessly inventive rhymes by CMplexEon MC Etc. and Adduci. The result is a musical knock down!

“Occupy” and “Paradise” fills the EP to overflowing with a variety of textures, sounds, voices and ambience, yet they don’t disturb the flow of the music and don’t feel forced or trendy, but an integral part of what’s happening at the heart of the EP.

 I suggest listening to this through headphones since the sound is so detailed and organic. United Statements make listening to music an inspiring and enlightening adventure, and easily rank as one of the best indie hip hop crews around. For my money, this EP is up there alongside “Heroes in Exile”; a genuinely satisfying listen.

While some MCs involved in political or socially conscious rap, come off as preachy and abrasive, CMplexEon MC Etc. and Adduci’s rhymes move with comfortable ease and a pleasant rhythm, while still retaining its authority. They consistently display some of the most outstanding examples of emceeing in indie music.

They’ll hit you with some really soulful and meaningful rhymes, and then kill it with wit and clever observations. Touching on many different subjects throughout the EP; dealing with everything from everyday life in urban America to controversial takes on social issues and politics.

There are many different styles of music represented in hip hop form on this album. This is purist hip hop at its best. For all of you who have grown tired and weary of the sad state that hip hop is in today, United Statements once again, will allow you to indulge and remind yourself of exactly what it is that is so great about true hip hop. I encourage you all to take a listen.

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