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The Electrical Fire: “Music by The Electrical Fire, Volume One” – electronic sounds and rocking rhythms with saxophone interludes!

The Electrical Fire is an electronic rock band founded by Anthony Barounis.  Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the band features a rotating line-up of collaborators including Nat Simpkins on the saxophone and Jakob White on guitar.  Their debut instrumental album Don’t They Know was released in May 2012. This was followed up by scoring Barounis’ feature documentary Ride Crazy: The Single Man March, and then their second LP, Bubble Moon, which was released in 2013 and is their first to feature original lyrics and vocals by Barounis.

Barounis spent the next two years working with a variety of musicians and collaborators, eventually resulting in the release of “Music by The Electrical Fire, Volume One”, which was released on September 25, 2015 and features the singles “Always at Sunset” and “Snapshots”.

the-electrical-fire-350It’s almost impossible to remain still when listening to The Electrical Fire. Their music, their purpose covers the whole spectrum of emotion, energy, inspiration, nostalgia, and passion. It’s always nice when you latch onto a band like this. They make memorable, rocking music without feeling a sense of generic-isms; a band that sounds polished, that radio may or may not adore and that doesn’t leave your brain too quickly. With their new release, The Electrical Fire just keeps getting better and able to blend their electronic influences, rocking rhythms and saxophone interludes rather than one overpowering the other.

The Electrical Fire’s sound draws both from modern music, vintage 70’s, and 80’s rock and new-wave, and the outcome is a sound that is ultimately forward-thinking and also reverent of the past. The overall result is an album that is consistent and enjoyable. The detail in the crafting of each song and the way that they all fit together as a whole is very impressive.

I’ve had “Music by The Electrical Fire, Volume One” playing in my car for a few days straight and I’m not tired of it yet. Not even a bit. In fact, my friend changed it when I was giving him a ride and nothing else sounded right when I was driving. This is electronic rock done right. It’s all-embracing with many organic sounds, like guitars and pianos, besides the saxophone of course, but more importantly, without sacrificing musicality.

I found the that the best listening experience is had at elevated volume levels, especially on songs like “Snapshots”, “Together In The Dark” and “I Know The Others”. Sometimes The Electrical Fire switches between broad extremes that will leave you startled and surprised, like the understated organic-induced “Someone Spinning” which moves directly into two almost high-energy, Techno-sounding, electro songs such as “The Open Road” and “All In Good Time”.

The energy of the album and the experimentation with sounds pushes to distance itself from the usual electro-rock we’re used to. Of course everyone’s’ music tastes are different, and that’s fine, but for me the music seems so much richer and more complex with the emphasis on opposing sound textures and tones. Anthony Barounis is an eclectic, creative artist and “Music by The Electrical Fire, Volume One” showcases his and his collaborators skills very well!


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