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The Blue Elephant: “Neon Lights” – a varied landscape of sound that remains stylistically cohesive!

Neon Lights is the new album from house music pioneer The Blue Elephant It features original tracks, including Beach Party ft N.i.C., Suck My Bass, Sunshine, UCB, 60 Seconds of Trance, Snakes and Ladders, Ascension as well as a remix of 2CELLOS – Thunderstruck. His five albums and seemingly constant track delivery show The Blue Elephant’s tireless determination to earn his rightful place among Canada’s emerging electronic dance music artists. The Blue Elephant is a visionary Producer and DJ fusing melodic chord progressions and air-cutting leads with thumping bass and beats which formulate his distinctive sound.

It’s inevitable; any successful club DJ will begin making their own productions, and if the success continues, a full-length album follows. This is the continuation of that watershed moment for The Blue Elephant, five albums down the line!  Neon Lights is an excellent album. The Blue Elephant’s style is hard to define but I think ‘strongly melodic’ is appropriate. The underlying beat is typically very driving while the main synth line is usually melodic and beautiful. The subtlety of the hats and lack of sharp elements makes his music sound somehow open and majestic.

The-Blue-Elephant-coverOn this album, The Blue Elephant succeeds in crafting quality while avoiding cliché and stays true to what he does best. The tunes are particularly innovative, pleasing and in most cases excellent. There is a lot of attention given to composition. Gimmicks and image engineering are completely absent, a stark contrast with the surprisingly pervasive dance music with which we are familiar. Compared to that category, Neon Lights is awash with emotion, subtle effects, and a careful application of symmetry and music theory.

“60 Seconds Of Trance” is a cool representation of this year’s trance flavor; a poignant, throbbing masterpiece that could almost carry the weight of the album on its own…and in only sixty seconds! Contrasting with the emotional, vocally intoxicating sound of “Beach Party ft. N.i.C” is “Suck My Bass” – a purely instrumental Dubstep piece that could best be described as intriguing.

Together with other tracks that introduce different EDM styles, the result is a varied landscape of sound that remains stylistically cohesive. I particularly fell in love with the Chill track, “Sunshine”, which is both powerful and eloquent, containing some great synth sounds. The runaway remix of “2CELLOS – Thunderstruck”, on the other hand, tells you why The Blue Elephant will be one of those names that come up when you talk about the dance floor and the belly of the electronic beast.

This album strikes a great balance between upbeat and melodic; I love listening to it from beginning to end. I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know!


Official Site – http://www.djtbe.com
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/djtbe
Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/djtbeofficial
Soundcloud – http://soundcloud.com/theblueelephant

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