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SOUNDSTREAM: “We Got The Sound” – an updated freestyle hands up feel and a heart pumping beat!

SOUNDSTREAM’s history began in 2008, when two students of the Kyiv Polytechnical Institute, – Denis Timish (DJ FatCat) and Alexander Bulanov (Bulya) – decided to create a band, something they had already contemplated back in 2007, but officially launched on September 17, 2008, when they recorded their first song called “Feels Like Heaven”. In early April 2009 SOUNDSTREAM recorded its debut album entitled “Number One”, which met success on the Internet.

SOUNDSTREAM-250ADuring the following years SOUNDSTREAM encountered the usual band problems and collaboration changes; however core members DJ FatCat and Bulya stuck together and continued releasing music with various female vocalists. The current lineup now includes Ann – lead vocals, DJ Spacedreamer – MC and DJ FatCat – keyboards, arrangements.

SOUNDSTREAM recently dropped their Eurodance/Hands Up styled single, “We Got The Sound”.  I think this band is one of the best ways to bring the European dance sound over to America. We all know the best stuff stays hidden in Europe, and is only brought over by tourists, and illegal downloaders. People who think techno is going to be over-commercialized and lose value will be deluded. This is going to send waves through the dance industry, and spur a new revolution in sound, because they are more musical than other crossover dance groups.

Singer Ann has a lot of power and wit to her performances. She sounds wonderfully crisp and emotional in “We Got The Sound”. Every track SOUNDSTREAM do though, has sort of a “breathtaking” feel to it, and so does this track.  It has energy and life, unlike the sort of dead sound present in many other dance releases. This is as catchy as mainstream Pop music with a Club-ready twist. The backing tracks are infectious and extremely club ready, while the vocal hooks add the mainstream pop element.


“We Got The Sound” is ready to take you to the club with an updated freestyle hands up feel and a heart pumping beat. When you hear a SOUNDSTREAM song, you’ll know it’s a SOUNDSTREAM song, it has its own sound and meaning to it. Through using simple words and chord progressions, they are able to evoke so many emotions. Their songs are hard, high-energy, in your face dance music, which is hard to resist.

The difference between SOUNDSTREAM’s music and most other dance music styles is that it is fast-paced and does not have a lot of extremely long boring sequences of the same segment. The more overall melodic dance vibe on “We Got The Sound”, as opposed to the more techno laden beats of the past are a departure which lends itself to having more replay ability. These musical variants show a more flexible side to both the SOUNDSTREAM project as a whole and the individuals within the project – Ann, DJ Spacedreamer and DJ FatCat!

For me, “We Got The Sound”, outshines their previous work by a long shot. As a whole, this track works really well, and Ann’s vocal ability is a lot more evident on here too!


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