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Sizigi-13: “PLANETARY LOVER”-Elicits Powerful Emotional Responses

Sizigi-13 is an electronic music producer. He is a NYC native who took up producing music after giving up auto racing. Apart from music Sizigi-13 is extremely passionate about protecting the rain forest and endangered species; his specific interest being Jaguars and their conservation.

Sizigi-13 says that his favorite original song is entitled Jaguars, and all proceeds from sales for the song will be donated to conservation groups. He adds that he is using his art to gain awareness of animals in need. Outside of music Sizigi-13 is also very interested and endlessly inspired by, outer space and other worlds.

I must admit that when I first played PLANETARY LOVER I began to worry that it would turn into typical techno drivel so common today; the type where you get  going on a banging drum machine, throw in a few keyboard riffs and  some angelic voice singing, then call it ‘Progressive House’.

But I gave it a chance and Sizigi-13 obviously knows his game; just when it seems as if he’s about to let the music go nowhere he drops in a surprise or two. Whereas the electronic dance market is flooded with a bunch of substandard, cookie-cutter, no-name DJ garbage, it’s comforting to know that we can always turn to some of the true masters of the Art.

The sound on PLANETARY LOVER is very rich and complex, and the melody is absolutely hypnotic. Sizigi-13 is a master of his craft who know exactly how to weave patterns of sound that elicit powerful emotional responses. It starts out with a pretty straight ahead beat that builds and builds so subtly you don’t even notice until you’re absorbed into it.

He weaves different electronic flavors into the track, and then closes shop with a dubstep bar. Yes, it is more than your typical house tune; it captures, energizes, and uplifts your spirit and soul in a special way that is uniquely Sizigi-13. One more thing, be sure to listen to this with the sound pumped up and not with headphones.

Remember, purchasing this track is not spending money, it is an investment!






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