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Shalane: “Naked Eyes” produced by Najaes Beats – a whole lot more than just rhyming words

Shalane is a 23 year old songwriter, performing artist and entrepreneur who lives for music and poetry. Shalane has just released the track “Naked Eyes” produced by Najaes Beats, which she herself wrote, recorded and mixed. The track shines throughout and with all the tired commercial pop-rap that’s’ hitting mainstream so hard right now, it’s refreshing to hear a poet like Shalane keep the lyrical game pure and raw.


“Naked Eyes” is simply another notch in the belt of a young woman who defies all traditional notions in the entertainment industry. She has a feast of tantalizing songs, in an all-natural collection of musical recipes guaranteed to feed the mind and energize the body. Among them are “Peace of Mind”, The Vent” and “Forest”.

However “Naked Eyes” is a work of pure artistic innovation – A fusion of an inventive instrumental, a dynamic and diverse delivery, and creatively constructed lyrical prose, as opposed to being a mere song.

Shalane is different from everyone else. She takes bold steps on this track, by getting intimate with her audience, and she does this by not just talking TO people, but talking FROM her heart and mind and providing insight into her extraordinary personality.  Shalane does not seem to be obsessed with vocal hooks over-elaborated production beats. She keeps it simple musically and concentrates her prowess on delivering her poetry, and I say poetry because Shalane’s lyrical content is a whole lot more than just rhyming words.

Shalane is different does not simply rap, she take us on a journey of personal discovery and revelation. In an industry infatuated by poseurs searching for street cred and bad language, isn’t it nice that we’ve got the likes of Shalane to truly shake things up and make stuff happen with words and themes that serve up pitch after pitch of true skillful wordplay, which could be appreciated to the full, with…or without the accompaniment of any beat!


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