Seth Balestrieri to officially release “Our Song (Boston Strong)” on July 15th

Seth Balestrieri is a self-taught singer songwriter from Chelmsford, MA., who began writing music at the age of 15.  Seth writes about a wide variety of topics and says he often develops a strong feeling, opinion, or thought on a subject, and from there on out his songs practically write themselves.

Seth Balestrieri
Seth Balestrieri

Besides powerful melodic singing and acoustic guitar tapping skills, Seth works the day as a Tae Kwon Do Master. He has appeared on TV shows and in magazines as well as being heard on radio since the release of his debut studio album entitled, “Bucket List”, which contains the acclaimed Singles “Stars Not Scars” and “One and Only”.

Apart from the song, “Step Off My Girl”, released a couple of months ago, Seth Balestrieri is set to release a new track entitled “Our Song (Boston Strong)”, on the 15th July. Of the song, Seth says: “It’s a song meant to help bring peace to people who have struggled in the Boston Marathon tragedies or any other worldly crisis. It also takes on the role of seeing the events through the eyes of a person who may be too young to understand the world and not know how to deal with it. However it all comes back to a positive ‘Boston Strong’ message.”

Extremely talented and versatile musician, Seth Balestrieri, takes you on an uplifting melodic ride in this song. The lyrics are very poetic and the dominant string rhythms and phrases will have your heartstrings bobbing and weaving along. Seth is a persistent and talented modern singer-songwriter with strong Alt-Pop-Rock credibility as well as Folk-Americana seriousness in his music. His songs resonate of pure emotion and passion that you can hear through his angelic singing.

seth-balestrieri-cartoonIn his catalog, Seth mixes up different paces and genre-influences successfully and his lyrics are pure genius. His songs will touch the hearts of many that can relate to the wondrous feeling of love and sadly, heartache, as well as social and other afflictive issues as narrated in “Our Song (Boston Strong)”.

From soft acoustic guitar-driven songs to sweeping piano and orchestral pieces with soaring vocals, to upbeat tempos, this man can do anything. And he does all of it brilliantly. Seth writes all of his own music, allowing him to really connect with the words he sings, charging them with emotion and power; this, in turn, makes it easy for listeners to relate to his songs. Between his beautiful singing voice and the carefully structured musical arrangement on “Our Song (Boston Strong)”, Seth Balestrieri will blow you away!


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