Secant Prime: “Theta” – a whole new level of ambient exploration

So much of the ambient music available is really sappy and dull. At first, I was ready to lump this recording in with the slush pile, but closer listening revealed some interesting things going on behind the synth washes. Secant Prime is a musician with original ideas.

You don’t just listen to the latest album “Theta”, out 16thJanuary, you experience it. Deep, vibrating bass lines plumb the depths of your inner core. Atmospherics drifting on the edges of sanity keep your attention throughout. The beats bind everything together; hypnotic, heavy, grooving beats. These are the kind of beats that climb inside your mind and stay a while.

This album might very well be considered a whole new level of exploration for Secant Prime’s on-going journey into the deeper realms of aural discovery.  Secant Prime always strives to develop something special in each and every one of his (or her, as we don’t quite know anything about the artist behind the Secant Prime alias) works, but there is indeed a new and unique set of soundscapes to be found here.

“Theta” is hauntingly addictive. One could begin here and then delve backwards into the catalog of Secant Prime’s impetuosity, discovering stranger and stranger music. It would appear Secant Prime was focused on musicality as a primary guiding force, keeping the listener in comfortable and pleasing territory whilst still cranking out the gritty goods. The production is really punchy with strange electronic timbres well positioned into their own place. The chest popping kick tones and snappy snares were designed with plenty of punch-factor.

From the thumping upbeat tracks “Made”, “Dominion” and “EMD” to the dramatic ambient soundboards of “Electro-Motive”, “Neptune Elite”, “Neptune”, “Hankel Transform” and everything else in-between, as usual the listener is left wondering just how and why particular parts were made.

The end result is unfettered by over-production, artistic insanity, or attempts to fit into any particular genre. This all happens while keeping that unmistakable Secant Prime sound.

Secant Prime flexes distortion, grinding syths, sub-tones and kick drums like a true crackerjack electro-whizzkid, while remaining extremely creative and experimental, helping create the space needed for you to close your eyes and get lost in emotion-provoking electronic music.

“Theta” and its 9 tracks even does very well on endless repeat, which is almost a novelty for energy draining, dark ambient- styled music. If you’ve come to expect the very high production and creativity value that Secant Prime delivers in all his musical pieces, “Theta” proves that wearing all the needed hats to create an interwoven electronic music treasure is not a problem.

“Theta” is available for Pre-order, purchase and download at Bandcamp .

OFFICAL LINKS Artist Website – Bandcamp


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