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Sean “SV” Veligor: “The Reminisce Beat Tape” is ready for FREE DOWNLOAD Now!

Sean “SV” Veligor from Jim’s Pool Room, produces and make beats of all kinds. He has just released his 25-track beat tape titled, “The Reminisce Beat Tape”. From the opening moments of the album, there is a sense that what you’re about it hear is going to be different. When the sound of “The Reminisce Beat Tape” hits your ears, you are flooded with multiple layers of soulful rhythms, banging drums, scratches and sampled vocals and harmonies. This is one of those albums where there are no highlights; simply put the whole album runs as a seamless blend of music that is one complete highlight.

This beat tape takes you back to a time when it was more common for one person to produce a whole album, and when albums could be successful without every other song having a different guest artist. So what you have is a unified and focused vision that translates into one of the best musical experiences you can have with Boombap inspired hip-hop.

sv-300Sean “SV” Veligor is one of the best indie underground producers and “The Reminisce Beat Tape” is lasting proof of his talents as a producer who can take crisp jazzy, funky and soul infused samples and create multi-layered beats that do not stagnate in any way. SV is able to create tracks that go far beyond the standard hip-hop beat.

SV’s soul and jazz style is incredibly stylish and different. I love that not one beat sounds alike. The 25 short soundscapes are filled with Boombap and nineties inflicted melodies, mellow samples and breaks, and lots of soul. That’s really what makes this beat tape stand out from the bunch. Moreover SV has an uncanny ability to use the music to create the mood he wants his listener to feel.

Whatever happened to the days when this type of sounding album was expected from hip-hop? “The Reminisce Beat Tape” is an example of what you get when you have truly mastered your craft as a producer. Today’s Hip hop albums just don’t have that distinct groove. I have listened to an ungodly number of mixtapes, albums and beat tapes and this one ranks very high. There are producers who make beats and then there is Sean “SV” Veligor.

“The Reminisce Beat Tape” is a free downloadable beat tape with 25 beats no rappers have ever used. What are you waiting for!!!

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