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Seagrave: “End Of Silence” – Fiery, inspired, and full of the good stuff!

Seagrave was founded by Petri Isomäki, Vesa Kolu and Karri Tiljander in 2004. The band began traditionally by playing cover music, but soon they began working on their own material and consequently when their own songs grew more numerous, cover material was slowly dropped. Today they play their own music completely having left a few cover songs in set just for flavor. Seagrave currently is Michael Henneken – vocals, Ari-Matti Rintala – guitars, Elmo Karjalainen – guitars & backing vocals, Petri Isomäki – bass and Vesa Kolu – drums.

The song writing, the titles, the amazing vocals and the inhuman power of Elmo Karjalainen on the album, “End Of Silence”, creates a massive explosion of pure hard-rock, metal energy I haven’t heard in many years! If you crossed Judas Priest, The Scorpions and Black Sabbath you’d probably get a blend that resembles Seagrave. Theirs is old school metal rock, plenty of epic arrangements, vocals and guitar riffs dripping with high-powered melodic energy. Seagrave nail it from the opening track “Airborn” right through to the album closer “Farewell”. This album has heavy riffs, awesome guitar solos; kick ass drums beats and wicked basslines.

The album cover
The album cover

It is really great to hear the vintage sound of rock again. “End Of Silence” is rooted in a rock solid rhythm section, one that is comprised of the exceedingly tight and precise bass work of Petri Isomäki and drumming of Vesa Kolu, while frontman Michael Henneken’s vocals are top-notch. But these ten songs are first-and-foremost a showcase for the band’s wonderful axe work handled by Ari-Matti Rintala and Elmo Karjalainen, as one crunchy guitar hook, epic lead, and inspiring, technically-impressive solo after another is uncorked pretty much all throughout the playing time.

“End Of Silence,” ” The Undertaker,” and “Into The Darkness” finds the guitarists deftly trading off one memorable, pyrotechnic solo after another; whereas “Immortal” is a blistering speed rock anthem that boasts plenty of grumbling bass, infectious, soaring vocal hooks, and snare/kick drum thudding to go along with its usual abundance of propulsive, chainsaw-stutter riffage and piercing, shredding solo flights. “Sea of the Dead,” takes on another riff-oriented approach, with crunchy, chugging guitar leads, and ripping, screaming solos backed by rolling bass gallops.

My favorites though, are the melodic soft/loud arrangements of “The Citadel”, “Black Clouds”, “Winter Sky” and “Farewell”. On these tracks there are indelible traces of soft acoustics which morph into blistering hard-rock, metal territory, with hooky, inventively galloping riffs, crystalline-sounding leads, delicious twin-guitar harmonies, and fiery soloing. And all the while this is all going on, Michael Henneken turns in truly inspirational, pensive, soulful, and lung-stretching performances from behind the microphone.

Simply devoid of any and all filler material, “End Of Silence”  is another modern-day metal rock classic. Fiery, inspired, and full of the good stuff, it is quite possibly the best body of hard rock work I have heard so far this year. Talk about epic and lyrical depth. “End Of Silence” has both in spades, and then some. If you’re a fan of classic hard-rock and metal, you’ve got to give this album a listen!


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