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Sarantos: “Let’s Call It Love” serves as a refuge to those who want music to caress

Not too long ago, Sarantos lost his devoted father, after a hard-fought battle to lung cancer. This experience had a major impact on Sarantos’ life, empowering  him to overcome many obstacles that have passed. The Chicago singer has since been driven to remain strong and positive not just for himself but for his friends & fans.

Sarantos has been writing and releasing new songs on a monthly basis, of which all have contributed towards a specific charity selected by the artist on each subsequent music release. 33% of any music-related sales profits from Let’s Call It Love are going straight to the chosen charity – the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

“Going through life’s hardships has given me the willpower to write songs and to sing from the heart,” says Sarantos. “I wouldn’t have had the passion to strive for my dreams if it wasn’t for my loving family. I know my father would have been very proud of me.”

“Let’s Call It Love is a silky smooth jazz song with a simple premise and story,” says Sarantos. “A man meets someone and is not sure what he is feeling. He thinks its love. He assumes its love. He has never felt this before. He only asks for her not to break his heart. Yes, it is a love story. Unsure what it is, they both dare to assume its love!”

Released at the height of Electronic music era, “Let’s Call It Love” serves as a refuge to those who want music to caress, the lyrics to actually mean something, the singer to converse, the back-beat to serve as a catalyst to our escapist fantasies.  Moreover Sarantos shows us why he is an exceptional talent – a writer and musician of the first order. His compositions are beautifully crafted and draw upon the finest musical influences of our time.

So soothing, “Let’s Call It Love” is refined and well executed. Even if you do decide to do something, like maybe switching positions in a hammock or pouring yourself a glass of lemonade, this is the music to listen to. Its slow but easy paced rhythm will move you into a place where you know and feel that life really is too short to be frantic, high strung and…out of love!

It’s great music to just be with…someone you love or a friend or maybe a friend who is a lover. I hope you buy this single and build a hammock for two!

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