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Pop Singer-Songwriter, Phobez Apollo Releases debut single “COMING BACK TO YOU”

Pop Singer-Songwriter, Phobez Apollo, is now unleashing his artistry to the entire world. As a trained vocalist and dancer from Chicago, Phobez combines music, fashion, and art to create a multiple artistic experience. The debut single COMING BACK TO YOU mirrors Phobez Apollo’s creative process as he passes through musical mediums – resulting in a rage of electric passion, fury, and commercial-ready lyrics.

Phobez Apollo literally sprung up out of nowhere.  I just finished listening to the COMING BACK TO YOU and absolutely love it! Phobez’ music is so different from most of the stuff pounding through the speakers these days. His music is uplifting and allows you to feel good. It is one of those songs that you put in while driving home after a stressful day at work. It is a toe tapping, finger snapping sensation.

Phobez’ vocals are one-of-a-kind, a rare bird, and a delight for any gender, any age. The music is certainly modern but there is a classic quality, a sense of longevity, in his voice as well. I’d never heard of Phobez Apollo until I saw him perform his video supporting the debut song on Youtube.

I was immediately taken by his exotic looks, style and the song he sang. I was particularly struck by how many different aspects of his personality the song reveals. In COMING BACK TO YOU he’s an infatuated and confused lover torn between a decision leading to opposite extremes.

phobez-appollo-400COMING BACK TO YOU will have you song dancing, singing along or at the very worst, bopping your head. Seriously, Phobez Apollo is a delight to listen to. His debut song is excellent and has a fantastic musical groove. Make sure you watch this song’s video on YouTube. You’ll appreciate the artist so much more.

Just where his career will lead to, depends on who will be producing his new music and if he can keep the energetic momentum going in his future works

COMING BACK TO YOU is available on every worldwide digital music store (iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, Beats Music, Spotify, Sony Unlimited, X-Box Music, etc.)

OFFICIAL LINKS: Soundcloud – iTunes – Youtube

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