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Omar Alhindi: “Back To Me” will make a lasting impression!

Alhindi’s vocals are extremely smooth and flow so effortlessly.

Fresno’s new kid on the block, the upcoming pop sensation Omar Alhindi, has released his first national single entitled “Back To Me” off his current imprint Tyme Records. The song touches on what often happens in our own daily experiences – taking life for granted and not really appreciating our loved ones until they are gone.

With the supportive combinations of modern electronic orchestration and solid song-craft , Omar Alhindi not only allows his voice to create a tender musical mood, but he extends on that by being a true storyteller too.

What makes this “Back To Me” most compelling though, is the vitality and freshness of the music and songwriting that comes with Omar Alhindi’s overall concept. It’s so compelling, I feel as if I am glimpsing upon an artist of quality that I have totally neglected, when in fact this is only Alhindi’s debut!

Alhindi’s vocals are extremely smooth and flow so effortlessly. It is beautiful and touching, without ever being forced, as he evades the normal vocal acrobatics displayed by most newcomers wanting to impress the masses. Alhindi just gets the job done, elegantly and tastefully, fully knowing that he will reach his audience by tantalizing and teasing their ears, not by downright molesting them!

omar-alhindi-400Many of today’s young male artist only sing about sex (the raunchier the better). It’s so nice to hear a young man sing about love, romance, and self-introspection. “Back To Me” definitely reflects a maturity and a range way beyond that of a what man of Omar Alhindi’s age and stature in the industry, should have.

If Alhindi keeps putting out music like this, it won’t be long before he makes a lasting impression in the industry and among fans.

The single, “Back To Me” is now available on iTunes and Amazon, as well as other digital providers, and the official music video will be made available to the public shortly. In the meantime you can check out “The Making Of…” video below.

Find out more about Omar Alhindi and follow him on TwitterFacebookYouTube, and Instagram.

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