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Olly Gardiner: “Driving Me Insane” has a Catchy Beat and Driving Bass-Line!

Olly Gardiner is an aspiring songwriter based in the UK and at the age of 16 he studied music performance at collage in his local city Hereford. Olly started out with a passion for drums, seeing his father’s kit around the house. Like all other kids afflicted by the music making syndrome, Olly progressed on to form a band and play with other like-minded people until finally going through the Bristol Institute of Modern Music as a songwriter, which led him into working alongside the well-known producer Stuart Epps, who in turn has worked with legends like Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Robbie Williams, Paul Weller, Chris Rea and Bad Company, just to name a few.

Olly then took the time to travel and find inspiration through music around the world, at the same time finding a friend and collaborator in Craig Davies. The two continue to create, innovate and collaborate together, creating music that challenges them and that they’re passionate about. Olly Gardiner’s music combines modern day pop, with catchy guitar riffs, funky bass lines, dance productions, and commercial vocal hooks, creating a sound, both unique but simultaneously familiar.

We caught up with his latest track, “Driving Me Insane”, but ran through his catalog anyway, just to get a broader opinion of the artist. And right off the bat Olly Gardiner proves himself a winner. Olly’s voice is strong, propulsive and dynamic-yet even vulnerable sounding at times. He successfully experiments with several types of musical arrangements and themes about love and general inner peace and happiness.

The experiment succeeds and leaves you with a collection of catchy and danceable songs that you’ll want to listen to over and over again. When I first heard Olly’s songs, I was extremely impressed with how well they held my attention. The production and the way the songs are arranged, is immensely pleasing to the ear.

“Driving Me Insane” has a catchy beat and driving bass-line with an all-round excellent musical arrangement. To be honest though, on all his songs, the drums and rhythms are lively and unique while Olly forges understandable, intelligent lyrics.

All in all, Olly Gardiner dances on the fine line of creativity and zealousness with a surefooted array of artistic expression. And over and above “Driving Me Insane”, he has created a wonderful collection of songs that showcase his talents as a modern songwriter and performing artist.



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