Myke Clements: “No Worry, No Sorrow” – a collection of stunningly uplifting rock instrumentals

Myke Clements is a Christian solo artist who creates a variety of music. Myke first played in a hardcore band by the name of Hepafilter from 2008 to 2011, then went on to release music in 2012 under the name Ambience in Motion and finally produced his first album “Biters and Roamers: Chronicles of the Undead,” in 2013 (which is available on Bandcamp).

“No Worry, No Sorrow” is Myke Clements’ latest 10-track album release; an instrumental fusion of rock and big band music. Clements sound relies heavily on guitar and keyboard arrangements amidst big banging drums, as well as string and brass accompaniment. As opposed to the current instrumental post-rock era which is drowned in ethereal, melancholic songs, Myke Clements out from the crowd, as his songs are vibrant and uplifting and more comparable to epic symphonic music.

Myke Clements
Myke Clements

Unlike most instrumental music which is usually presumptuous and boringly repetitive, meandering off in tangents mostly to highlight technique and musical expertise, Clements actually composes and performs properly structured rock-induced songs, that at worst, reach the four-and-a-half-minute mark.

Except for “Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus” which is a vocal track, “No Worry, No Sorrow” is a collection of stunning rock instrumentals. Don’t let today’s amoral pop culture force disposable rock music down your throats. If you get your kicks listening to pointless stuff with violent, derogative lyrics, then go ahead and listen to that other stuff. But if you want to listen to an artist that doesn’t need to offend and be obnoxious to give your soul a musical uplift, then listen to Myke Clements, who can write and play music like it’s nobody’s business.

From when the album opens with “Modern Vintage”, and the strings and brass kick in over the crunchy riffs, you know this is a different kind of rock instrumental album – no extremely technical stuff, with lots of tempo changes and complex arrangements or virtuoso solo-playing. Instead, there are tons of melodies and rhythms that will grab your weary and downtrodden soul, dragging it into seventh heaven by the time you reach the third track, which is aptly titled “Rest”, and follows closely on the heels of the euphoric, “Bounce”.

Myke Clements pull out all the stops on tracks such as “Go”, “…For There Is Hope” and “The Return Home”, and the results are nothing less than spectacular. It’s nice to hear a top shelf musician record what he wants without worrying about radio play, making a top ten hit or dealing out profound messages and lessons. This is about an excellent musician cutting loose because he loves music and wants to convey a simple message of inspiring hope. At least that is the satisfying feeling I experienced from listening to this music.

“No Worry, No Sorrow” results in a smorgasbord of delightful playing whose parts and instruments fit together seamlessly. It manages to be powerful, catchy and joyful at the same time, as all throughout Myke Clements continues to pull surprises out of his musical hat. The rock n’ roll parts evoke looser, unbridled moments of joy, while the big-band sounds induce the epic build-ups to those very moments. All the while, the guitars soar and tickle the other instruments along, together with the percussion which pulses, pauses and textures each musical passage.

“No Worry, No Sorrow” is by turns, dense and melodic, and full of unexpected twists and turns. If you love melodic- rock instrumentals, then this album is an essential buy. It is set for a June 23rd release and can be currently pre-ordered over at BANDCAMP


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