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Myishola: “Get Ya Life” displays so much of her attitude and personality!


Since the release of her debut single a couple of years ago, Myishola – previously under a different name – has been broadening her talent in music and she hasn’t been restricting herself to the same old genre, style or beats. This shows throughout her brand new single “Get Ya Life”, taken off her upcoming Ep “Ruler”.

She certainly has come a long way since her debut Ep, “Fearless” in 2012.  With the help of “Get Ya Life”, Myishola proves that she can be likeable on any front. She’s stylish (just think of the lip gloss and stiletto boots), she can make it in the commercial realm, and she can deliver a hard bad-ass attitude if needed.

Moreover she hasn’t come out with anything that hasn’t been (at least) liked, since she first started. She is a strong, young, black, sexy-as-hell, talented and independent woman, so that alone deserves 5 stars, if you ask me.


Through her music she displays so much of her attitude and personality. I will admit that I am slightly biased because I have been a fan since her debut. However, “Get Ya Life” is the bomb. Myishola really shows the many facets of her musical influences, but doesn’t drift from the rap originality she is flaunting in her new guise. She raps like she has been doing just that, her whole life and nothing else!

This girl exhibits class and promise with everything she does. She’s raw, she’s raunchy, she’s real. Myishola has the world in the palm of her hand and from the rhymes and lyrics she uses, a defined new beginning as a female Rap/Hip-Hop artist. Just when you think men are the only ones who can go hardcore, think again! And you will, once you listen to Myishola.

On “Get Ya Life” she clearly endorses Myishola’s enthusiastic confidence towards expressing powerful thoughts and meaning through music and the spoken word!

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