“Monday Morning” Alex Alexander ft. Demario SB – a shining example of how catchy mainstream music should be!

‘Monday Morning’ is a crossover production infused with radio-ready pop and reggae rhythms, produced by Alex Alexander and Revolution Entertainment, with verses rapped by Demario SB and the chorus sung by Alex Alexander.

The cover artwork
The cover artwork

I’m not sure today’s music is as reliably catchy as it was – in fact it’s easy to think that all the songwriting ground has been well and truly raked over – but then along comes Demario SB and Alex Alexander – and when they sing and rap you listen up! These two men have such individualistic talents: for writing a great crossover pop tune with an anthemic feel; clever, quirky and at times over-the-top lyrics, sharp production with edgy urban overtones. ‘Monday Morning’ doesn’t disappoint.

If you’re searching for something hummable, singable and danceable – ‘Monday Morning’ covers all the bases. In an era of stale music, an occasional talent gives us a great voice, a strong melody, a good beat — what more could you ask for? The creativity, artistry, and uniqueness of the song bring out the versatility of both Demario SB and Alex Alexander as they swap chores between verses and choruses. Alex’s wide-ranging vocal chords packs enough punch to keep making you push that replay button over and over again, while Demario SB’s rhyming flow adds a solid street edge to the proceedings.

Demario SB
Demario SB

Loaded with catchy hooks and choruses, what sets ‘Monday Morning’ apart is its ability to communicate genuine feeling…especially about the Monday morning blues after a heft weekend: “Monday Morning and my phone keeps calling / What happened on the weekend it was straight up ballin’ / I don’t wanna wake up today / I’m closing my eyes hope it goes away…”

Solid from start to finish with a thumping pop-reggae beat, grooving vocal arrangements and an unmistakably slick production, ‘Monday Morning’ is a shining example of how catchy mainstream music should be.  What stands out so much on this track is its great blend of fun and artistic elements.

More About: Independent artist, songwriter and entrepreneur Demario SB, has worked alongside the likes of Cali Swag District, Too Short, Houston, T. Mills, The Game, Warren G and Tyga. He also works closely with Revolution Entertainment, Dream Records and One Moment Productions. Alex Alexander is a Swedish pop/rock/electronic solo recording artist and guitarist that has professionally played all over Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. As a crossover artist, Alex has already managed to earn great attention and awards from the industry for his songwriting and producing skills.


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