MIKE BANDZ & LOUIE G: “My Momma” – a tour of the street-life!

North Carolina rap Duo comprised of childhood friends Michael “Mike Bandz” Lyles and Demarcus “Louie G” Andrews, have developed their craft for the past 10 years and in the process, became the cornerstone of the hip-hop movement in their hometown of Winston-Salem. Now the rhyme duo is hoping to make a global impact as represented by their new single “My Momma” off the mixtape album “Respect the shooter”.

my-momma-400“My Momma” clearly shows that MIKE BANDZ & LOUIE G are finding their niche in the rap industry. MIKE and LOUIE are about one thing – entertainment. They’re not trying to provoke or educate. They’re not trying to uplift the race or free the mind. They’re just trying to stimulate and entertain you with truthful, on point storytelling.

The beat is the right mix between bouncy and street while the story-line is told in vivid detail, the track paints listeners and armchair-gangstas a picture of the struggles that families and a ‘Momma’ has to face on a daily basis when deeply entrenched in the game of having a d-boy in the house.

While MIKE BANDZ & LOUIE G may be giving you a tour of the street-life that you can experience in the safety of your home or headphones, understand that you will not leave unscathed. While you may not end up getting stabbed, or shot, you will never be able to walk away from the emotional shot that a figurative dip of your foot into the dope-side will give you with this track.

MIKE BANDZ & LOUIE G have the whole package: the voice, the wit, the lyrics, and the unique flavor that they bring to the table. The duo really brings the heat with this hot joint. Once you hear “My Momma” you will be hooked to MIKE BANDZ & LOUIE G!

TWITTER INFO: @iammikebandz @louiegdaking @likethattrack

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