Maini Sorri: Lost Love (Dance Remix) out on the Reya Music Label

Lost Love (Dance Remix) the dance single by Maini Sorri is to be released on June the 15th. The music was composed by Maini Sorri, the lyrics by Gary Cornman, while instrumental was entirely performed and completed by Orlando M. “Lost Love” is co-produced by Brian Lanese (3-time Emmy Award Winner and Grammy Nominee) and Orlando M. The song engineered by Brian Lanese, is out on the Swedish Reya Music label.

maini-sorri-300“Lost Love (Dance Remix)” combines all of the best elements of 70s disco-pop wrapped up in state of the art production, esoteric lyrics, an irresistible beat and a completely winning sense of humor. The song, cross-breeds Donna Summer with Enya as Maini Sorri transports you to an outer-space intergalactic dance trance.

This tune will open up your wings and have you flying high in the club…or at least in your room. Maini’s combination of melodic playfulness and innocence is a rarity.  In my opinion, dance music is really suitable for Maini’s vocal stylings, as she has a light and airy inflection which is able to easily flow across any beat-driven track, adding an ethereal quality, which doesn’t impinge the arrangement, but enhances it.

Maini Sorri
Maini Sorri

Maini Sorri’s vocal impact on a musical arrangement can be likened to the difference between oil-paintings and watercolors. Oil paintings are thick with more luminescent colors showing off the dominant strokes. Watercolors are a primarily translucent medium, which allows underlying colors to show through each layer. This is exactly what Maini’s performances do. They allow the other layers of the composition to shine through.

“Lost Love (Dance Remix)” will lure people to Maini Sorri’s beautiful melody, and natural voice talent. The production, engineering and mixing will do the rest. Basically, if you enjoy light, disco-suffused dance and pop, this track is right up your alley.

More About: Maini Sorri is a Swedish-Finnish singer, musician and songwriter living in Sweden who has composed music since she was 8 years old having emigrated from Finland to Sweden as a teenager. Maini has performed her own songs in concerts and on radio and TV. She also has studied piano, music theory and composing with her qualifications including a Bachelor of Arts from Musikhögskolan in Örebro, Sweden, which is now known as the Faculty of Arts at Orebro University.


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