“Love Will Heal” – exquisitely performed and sung by OH.

OH. is an indie singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist from Greece. OH. composes, performs and produces her music, plays the guitar (electric and acoustic), bass, drums, violin, piano and percussion. She released her debut EP “Sleeping World” in February 2013. OH. released her second album, “Synemotion” – a metal/rock concept album – in April 2015, to rave reviews in the rock and metal genres. OH., who lives between New York and Athens, Greece, recently released her new ballad “Love Will Heal” along with a lyric video.

Reviewing an eclectic artist such as OH., is a particularly daunting task, simply because she moves within an enormous contrast of genres. How do you pinpoint an artist that plays screaming lead guitar on epic, progressive rock, instrumental tracks like “Run Away”, the one moment, and then sings gentle, sublime, piano-driven ballads like “Love Will Heal”, the next?


Or rather, how do you describe Joe Satriani and Tori Amos in the same breath? Well, if anything else, for one thing you can say that they’re both super-talented, creative souls! And that is exactly what OH. is!

What I love most about “Love Will Heal”, is even in its simple accessibility, the lyrics are still complex and thought provoking taking the listener through powerful emotions. This track will get you from the first couple listens and it will eventually seep into your brain and somewhere along the line, it will grab you and never let go.

The song which interprets our own personal reminder of “knowing what love is”, is well-written, both sonically and lyrically, powerful and exquisitely performed and sung by OH. The piano blends so effortlessly and beautifully with her voice in this song, like they are one. Like this is the essence of her artistry. Like this is the only thing she was born to do. Yet we know that OH. is actually capable of doing so much more!

“Love Will Heal” is a beautiful song that doesn’t try to be what it is not. OH. has found a place of contemplation and observation that is free of angst, elevating its sound with her voice, which is both ethereal yet earthy.


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