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Leftwich: “Giants” – The melody is surreal, the lyrics are chimerical, and the voice is utterly haunting!

Leftwich is the musical child of Canadian songstress Deborah Cher (vocals), and composer/producer Ido Mart (guitars, keyboards). Based in New York City, “Giants” is the band’s first single, with their album forthcoming this winter. I am deeply impressed with this track. It is dark, a shade morose and gloomy, but also poignantly soft, subtle and all around silky-sweet. It is almost, dare I say, delicate.

Deborah Cher is a fabulous compliment juxtaposed with the beautifully brooding backdrop of strings, deep retro brass and writhing tempo. It is not often that we can appreciate such an original and unique vocal eloquence, but when we are, it leaves quite the imprint indeed. It is positively surprising indeed how natural a match Deborah’s voice is to this music.

The single cover
The single cover

“Giants”  is bewitchingly intelligent and a potpourri of efficacious emotions. It is a little more left-field and stranger than what you’re used to hearing on the radio, but it is a positive kind of strange – the kind of strange that leaves you mesmerized, curious and breathless. Ido Mart’s music is haunting, intensely intriguing and hypnotic. In a kind of Massive Attack meets Bjork, meets Morcheeba backdrop, Ido crafts a trippy, organic sounding soundscape that is both delicate, and in parts, compellingly powerful.

It’s a perfect listen for when you’re just chillin’. From the moment you begin listening to Leftwich, it’s as if you have stepped into another dimension; another world. The melody is surreal, the lyrics are chimerical, and the voice is utterly haunting. After listening to Leftwich, any other type of music will probably sound boring to you. It’s very different, and will enchant you.

There isn’t anything you can fault with the production or the performance. You’ll love the vocals as well as the instrumentation; the mix of electronic rhythms and murky guitars. It is rather rare to find a good original piece of music these days. Music that blows your mind on the first listen, and gets better on each repeated play. If you are now considering “Giants”, then you probably already know you want it. In fact if you should already have it!


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