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Kash Rockit: “Power Dragon Head” – multi-genre brilliance…with a twist!

Living in Los Angeles, Kash Rockit a songwriter, producer and occasional rapper is a true pioneer for women and the music world at large. The Kash in her name represents prosperity, and the Rockit stands for inner-power. After having lived in New York, Seoul, and Tokyo, Japan — Kash moved to Los Angeles to fulfill her musical destiny. 

Her goal is to create great EDM/Hip Hop based music, contribute to music culture that people around the globe can enjoy regardless of background, and earn a Grammy award to give to her supportive mother. Kash Rockit’s passion extends into fashion, film, 3D animation, motion graphics, and photography.

kash-rockit-350She has recently completed her new EP: “Power Dragon Head” and dropped its lead single, “Dragon”. Kash Rockit goes hard and fast and I couldn’t be happier that her phenomenal debut is on the market. If you’re a fan of catchy hooks, hiphop, dance and pop, then Kash is your chosen one. She’s brilliant…with a twist! And no doubt “Power Dragon Head” will become an iconic EP.

With an Ep full of unique electronic sounds, and an addiction to genre-hopping, Kash shows that she can shine in any light. She delivers a very diverse and fun collection of songs that touch on so many genres I can’t imagine anyone not finding something they love.

Her songs are always entertaining and they will either make you want to get up and dance or scream along to in your car with the top down. To my mind, it’s the perfect summer party EP.

I mean how could you ever resist the handclapping tango-pop rhythms of “Get Up ft. Melanie Taylor”, the quirky pop-hop of “RedLipstick”, or the smooth-groove on the lead single, “Dragon”. And if you’re into filling up the club dance-floors, then drop the energetic and dynamic EDM beats on “Change ft. Melanie Taylor” and “Super Power Love”.

kash-rocket-coverBut the good stuff doesn’t end there, “Someone to love ft. Melanie Taylor” has a bassline that will make Skrillex super-proud, while it blows your woofers through the roof!

However another important facet of the “Power Dragon Head” EP – besides the stratospherically catchy tunes, is the clever lyrics, which if you don’t understand on the first listen, then listen again and again!

Kash Rockit is part Katy Perry, part Missy Elliot, part Pink and part Ellie Goulding, and there are probably a whole lot of other parts I could mention that would fit her nicely, thank you.

Usually artists aren’t this versatile but Kash switches from Hiphop to Pop and EDM, and you won’t even feel that she’s putting too much effort into it. Her lyrics and vocals are amazing for each song, as she adds a different style to each of them!

Overall Kash Rockit’s melodies are pure original brilliance, and every song on “Power Dragon Head” is a winning gem – from the shimmering production to the crystal clear vocals. Kash Rockit exhibits substance and purpose to her performances to keep you feeling her whole vibe all the way through!

And to grab a taste of what Kash Rockit is all about, go download her single for FREE right HERE!

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