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Junior Turner: “Guardian Angel” invokes strong sentiments of love and gratitude

Junior Turner has come full circle back to his roots on his latest release, Guardian Angel”, which is significant given the fact that he could have easily succumb to the many distractions of his recent success. Long-time fans of Turner who gravitated to his earlier releases, like me, will be happy to know he has not wandered far from the musical path he set out on a few years ago. The result is a humble single punctuated by his powerfully gritty voice, layered piano acoustics, and a sobering thrush that comes across as an amped-up, but sweet lullaby of love, towards a mother. The perfect Mother’s Day gift, and just in time with its March 13th release!

Junior Turner
Junior Turner

I have been listening Junior Turner for years and I’m listening to his Guardian Angel” single as I write this review. I just want to say, as I have so many times before, Junior Turner is in a class all by himself; the class of perfection. That might sound over the top but try listening to any music today and it all sounds so typical with the exception of the profound and so enjoyable vibe that comes through whenever I listen to Turner.

Junior Turner usually delivers haunting and uplifting works filled with thought-provoking lyrics and soothing, endlessly pleasing melodies. He creates a vast and varied landscape of powerful storytelling and moving sentiments. Sometimes gut-wrenching and often joy-inducing, these songs are designed to transform the listener and evoke the imagination onto wonderful new trails. “Guardian Angel” sticks tightly to the formula, while invoking strong sentiments of love and gratitude.

Junior Turner works very hard at his craft and the effort shows throughout his work and subsequently also on “Guardian Angel”, where he is also ably supported on backing vocals by Jess Wood. He is an outstanding songwriter who delivers heartfelt sincere lyrics, and has a penchant for writing mesmerizing melodies. Guardian Angel” is another brilliant blossoming of his powers.

In April 2014 Junior picked up ‘Best Pop Song’ at the prestigious awards ceremony for ‘The Indie Music Channel’ as well as 2 awards in Los Angeles during December 2014 at the Akademia Music Awards. He also had several other nominations in award ceremonies in the USA recently.

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