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Jae-Magic: “Falling in Love” -The Next Generation of Feel Good Music!

Joash Duwayne Perumal aka Jae-Magic is a born and bred Howick boy now residing in Port Shepstone South Africa, who grew up in KZN Pietermaritzburg. He started his career 6 years ago while at college in Pietermaritzburg, studying for his B-Com. Jae-Magic creates music of a dance taste including hip hop, pop and R&B fusion styles.

His debut singles, “Club on Fire” and “Edge of the World” had all the ingredients of radio hit tracks, crossing into markets that saw Jae Magic have no opposition. Jae-Magic also has the unquestionable legacy of being the first hip hop artist in his country, of Indian Heritage.

His songs have had interest from A&R’s such as Omar Grant of Roc Nation, and with so much more to offer, such opportunities are sure to present themselves to the next level of this artist’s career.

The up and coming album from the Jae-Magic is in production and features both international and local artists. It will feature dance and club tracks, plus tracks with a blend of pop ballads such as the “Live Forever” single.

With only a few weeks on radio, Jae Magic is already enjoying good reviews for his latest single. In Europe, radio stations from Koln, Berlin and all the way into Sweden and Ireland have responded energetically to his new single “Falling in Love”.

The production on the single features the internationally active songwriter Peter Wright who has co-written two songs for Multi-Platinum artist Russian superstar Valeriya and also co –wrote “Still Burn” for Tobias Regner which was a hit across Europe and peaked at number #1 while being certified platinum.

Simply put, Jae Magic’s “Falling In Love” is an excellent dance-pop single. Jae’s voice seems to have a huge range; he’s gritty, smooth, soulful, sharp, and gentle when it’s called upon. He does all of this while maintaining a relaxed timbre. It’s just a joy to listen to!

Jae’s music allows you to feel good. “Falling In Love” is one of those songs that you put in while driving home after a stressful day at work. It is a toe tapping, finger snapping sensation.  Above all, the gracious voice and empathetically artistic delivery by Jae Magic is what makes this song so great!

Pop stars come and pop stars go, some stay around simply due to good marketing but Jae Magic may just be able to stand proud on his own talent, if he keeps working at it. Much will obviously depend on upcoming album.

If he manages to keep the smooth, mellow with so much ‘harmony and rhythm’ attitude found on “Falling In Love”, Jae Magic may represent the next generation of feel good music. This is truly what popular music is supposed to be. From start to finish “Falling In Love” will make you totally understand all the buzz this young artist is getting. You should definitely keep your ears and eyes open for his upcoming projects!

In the States, Jae-Magic  is currently play-listed on:  ​HOT944.com (HOT 94.4 FM Radio – All The Hits), K954FM.com (K 95.4 FM Radio – West Coast Classics), K1065.com (K 106.5 FM Radio – Seattle’s New #1 Hit Station), BEACH1051.com (BEACH 105.1 FM Radio – Daytona’s New #1 Party Station), KISS1051.com (KISS 105.1 FM Radio – Today’s Top 40 Pop Hits), Z1057.com (Z 105.7 FM Radio – Global Hip Hop Hits), HOT974.com (HOT 97.4 FM Radio – Boston’s New #1 Hip Hop Station), WILD931.com (WiLD 93.1 FM Radio – Your New #1 Party Station), POWER971.com (POWER 97.1 FM Radio – Today’s Best Hip Hop), K1054.com (K 105.4 FM Radio – All The Hits), Q996FM.com (Q 99.6 FM Radio – Today’s #1 Urban Station), MYK979.com (My K 97.9 FM Radio – Phoenix’s Newest #1 Hit Station) and POWER1079.com (POWER 107.9 FM Radio – Today’s Top 40 Urban Hits).

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