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Imani Rose: “BiTS & PIECES” from the upcoming Ep – BiG WORDS!

I really didn’t know what to expect but this really blew me away. Imani Rose is extremely talented. We caught up with 2 tracks,  “BiTS & PIECES” and “SLEEPiNG WiTH THE ENEMY” from her brand new upcoming EP “BiG WORDS”. The tracks show off a good mix of pop, dance and rnb, as well as displaying Imani Rose’s continued growth as an artist.

First of all Imani Rose is eye candy and has a voice that just won’t quit. On the sassy pop and club banger “BiTS & PIECES” she hits home for me. “I’m in bits and pieces. And boy you’re the reason, I’m gonna to have me one more drink.  So I can act before I think. I’m in bits and pieces. And sure you’re the reason, I’m going to have me one more hit, cause I just don’t wanna give a shit “; words that seem to fit right into the daily picture of many women who have had enough, who have given their all, only to receive little in return…if not heartache.

Maybe that’s why Imani Rose’s new single could become unstoppable on countdowns across the board, because so many can relate to it. Out on the I.Rose Projects label, “BiTS & PIECES” was produced by Beanz and Kornbread.

imani-rose-300A sauntering rhythm, dream-like choral vocals and strongly chorded melody, introduces “SLEEPiNG WiTH THE ENEMY” a mellow, slow burner with a mixture of rap thrown in for good measure, and where Imani’s voice has a nice kick and sweetness to it, making the whole package very enjoyable indeed.

Imani Rose has an individual style and look, which fits right into this day and age. Moreover how often do you find an artist such as Imani who knows what she sings and makes you feel the power of her words.

Imani seems to be molded to please. Her smooth voice just fits right into the grooves of her songs. These tracks which are the prelude to her upcoming album, present a great package; cool beats, great lyrics, and Imani’s totally radio-friendly vocals and strong personality, which also showcases another aspect not to be overlooked. Imani has the ability to make you feel like she’s your neighbor while performing her songs. She brings you that close-up, into her world.

With the tracks,  “BiTS & PIECES” and “SLEEPiNG WiTH THE ENEMY”,  Imani Rose marches out into the music scene with some powerful calling cards that should make a nice, permanent impression on a myriad of musical fans. Keep up the good work, girl!

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