illsaye drops ‘Know Better’ from his upcoming ‘SHADES’ project

An undiscovered talent from Toledo, Ohio, illsaye delivers, ‘Know Better’, the lead single to his second, upcoming EP, titled ‘SHADES’. The track, says illsaye, is a sampled message to all those who are caught up in the unknowns of life, with the point being, to remember to stick to what you know…

illsaye may sound like one of the most underrated lyricists in this current generation of hip-hop. Many people confuse rapping reality, along with speaking truth and your opinion on matters as weak or complaining. If you ain’t boasting about your money, drugs, cars or guns then you’re classified as being lame or wack. Hats off to illsaye, for keeping it real in this project


Showing vulnerability in music is something that i really look for; it shows genuineness and makes the music more personal. Exploring relationships and the human psyche, as well as the difficulty in dealing with life, because it’s so hard to understand sometimes, is a recurring theme in this track.  Illsaye can be cryptic sometimes, and even go off on a tangent, so you may need to hit that replay button a couple of times to catch up on those verses and bars.

illsaye is a lyricist as opposed to a straight down rapper, so don’t go expecting any whirlwind, TechN9ne-type hysterical flows. Here it is not important how fast things are said, but exactly what is being said. illsaye almost comes across as a spoken word artist in some instances, as his laid back cadence communicates thoughts and experiences over a soulful slow-burning beat.

I may be wrong, but I get the feeling that illsaye has a knack for making his personal life relevant to everyone.  His lyrics are strong, deep and introspective, much like the tone of his voice. This is mature Rap for people who prefer poetic storytelling over braggadocio bounce!


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