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Hero The Band: “Rem Deep” featuring Kyra Korchak – Pop hooks, rock beats, universal-yet-honest lyrics that you will love instantly

Justin, Jerramy, DJ, and Nick – Four blood brothers, multiple musical talents, and one big dream, that is what Hero The Band is about. Although the brothers have been singing together all their life, they did not form an official group until 2008. Leading to the collective named ‘Inseparable’, performing their own R&B originals.

Hero-The-Band-coverHERO the band, which officially launched in 2010, is a showcase for brothers’ singing, as well as their talents on bass, lead guitars, keys and drums. The band which has thus far been blessed with many performance opportunities, recently released their latest single, “Rem Deep” featuring Kyra Korchak.

Hero The Band has achieved a mastery of what works for them. They have their funky dance beats but then can dial it down and sing endearing ballads like this one. Great bands evolve and change directions helping establish new trends in music and that’s what HERO does each time they release a new track. Hardly any two songs sound the same. I don’t think they could do mediocre music if they had to. They were born for the art of their unique brand of music.

Hero-The-Band-350“Rem Deep” featuring Kyra Korchak shows such an excellent evolution of their music. The song (and video) has an eighties vibe to it, sitting somewhere between the crunchy guitars and slow burn vocals of Prince, plus the falsetto harmonies and complex music arrangements of Earth, Wind & Fire, which is all very familiar and relatable to my ears. It’s like listening to “Purple Rain” and “Reasons”, all at once; you can feel the pain and passion in each lyric.

Hero The Band is a musical kaleidoscope of sounds, textures and tones. HERO uses “Rem Deep” to grab music elements from every walk of pop, rock and R&B life, and stamp it as their own. They prove they can’t be pigeonholed, while simultaneously proving they don’t care what people think they should sound like. Whenever you listen to a new artist, particularly one you’re not that familiar with, there’s a slight nervousness that you just wasted your time in grabbing the recording, or that your friends may ‘not get it’.

HERO sounds like a band everyone can enjoy. Pop hooks, rock beats, universal-yet-honest lyrics that you will love instantly. Musically, HERO’s sound continues down its path of being creative, tight and energetic and is the glue that holds their audio artwork together.


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