Franz Black: “No Worries” – stripped down, yet undeniably elegant, with a message of uplifting hope

Franz Black is an accomplished songwriter, singer and keyboard player. Franz who has written and produced three complete albums, has attained wide recognition from a mixture of audiences, with one of his albums album titled ‘Sunshine girl’ being featured on several radio stations including the BBC.

Franz Black
Franz Black

The track, “No Worries”, puts Franz Black’s talents on full display in this stripped-down intimate affair where he’s featured on vocals and piano. Let’s just admit it; in our emotionally closed-up world of coping through the daily angst of everyday life, aren’t we just continually seeking music that can stir a real emotion inside of us? Thank the Lord we have this artist who has the guts to give us simple and honest music that causes us to feel something.

Franz Black has a love of interesting melody and well-written lyrics; beautiful melodies that can stand alone and speak to you, even if you’re unfamiliar with the song. Black’s lyrics don’t require the Dictionary of American Slang to be open next to you while you’re listening. This song is what songs were like before they became nonsense and noise. “No Worries” is a beautiful track in the care of a musician, arranger, and vocalist who knows how to handle it, and he does it with care and style.

After a hard day at work and maybe with a million problems on your mind, grab a glass of wine, pop this track into your player and just sit back and enjoy. Pure musicianship, melody and emotion, stripped down, yet undeniably elegant, with a message of uplifting hope:

“I try to like to keep it simple with the way things are
Trying not to worry about my house and car
And there’s always problems and they come and go
Just a little bit of love and I’m good to go”

You can’t go wrong with this one. So different from the other overproduced music. It’s like listening to Franz Black play the piano and sing to you in the comfort of your own home!


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