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Frame: “Follow The Leader?” is a Relentless Album That will Shock and Impress You!

Brian Wolff “Frame “ aka “Big Frame” will be dropping his album, “Follow The Leader?” around about May 31st. I saw a video not too long ago with rapper Big Frame performing “Put It In Your Asshole”, a hilarious over the top video filled with sexual innuendo and sexy ladies. I figured if so many sexy ladies were in the video that this dude must have some kind of skills! Well listening to the preview copy of “Follow The Leader?” I was completely blown away. And to top it all off he just happens to be white; which really doesn’t matter, because if you’ve got lyrical skills you’ve got lyrical skills period, end of story.

Musically, it’s hard to put Frame in a box and say he’s just hip-hop. His music has a whole lot of elements, which come from a diverse pick of genres, which most artists try to pull off but can’t do. Overall Frame is two-parts Eminem and one-part LMFAO. His flows are wicked, perverse and tongue in cheek, while the beats are bouncy and catchy, and the only box he wants to fit into, is between somebody’s thighs.

Of the twelve tracks I heard from the album, I can’t really say I have one favorite, because this album truly rolls from front to back. Plus Frame rides the hell out of the beats. I haven’t heard a white artist ride the beat like this, since Eminem himself.

Frame is underground enough that it is good and not mainstream, yet mainstream enough that he doesn’t suck at what he does. First off, you’ll need to get over the barrage of p*ssy, c*ck and f*ck words to get to the root of Frame’s rhymes. This alone is a challenging task as the dude fires off down and dirty verses, at the pace of a dime a dozen.

“Follow The Leader?” is a relentless album that will shock and impress you at the same time. This is not for anyone who does not like sexually explicit lyrics. However just keep in mind that most of Frame’s songs are utterly tongue-in-cheek and are rhymed in jest rather than seeking to be outright or seriously offensive. Except on the chosen occasion when he goes in deep and stays intense enough to rattle your nervous system to its extremes.

Frame can be a brilliant and witty lyricist, or he can come across as a mean and tormented soul. The guy definitely has talent. Add that to the fact that the songs have great hooks and choruses, with more than just a dash of creative sampling to match. I specifically dug the Chicago 25 or 6 to 4 sample, on the track “Molly”.

But the standout tracks with great sampling abound on this album, like: “Boom Boom”, “Change If I Could”, “Drunken Sailor”, “Chasing Dragons”, “Sweet Dreams” and the list just goes on. You’ll be hard pressed not to recognize some classic hooks here.

Even though Frame might sound offensive on some issues, you’ll probably find that you agree with most of the things he’s saying on these tracks. If you are an open-minded hip hop fan I really recommend you get this album. The lyrics may be just a little extreme for some, but “Follow The Leader?” is still a very good album indeed!

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