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Finessen: “Waste Your Time Ft. Money Mu” – a raunchy lover man image and X-rated lyrics!

Born and raised in Atlanta, Finessen is a humble, young ambitious and determined lyrical music artist who makes R&B as well as hip hop music. During November, Finessen dropped the track “Waste Your Time Ft. Money Mu” (Prod. by Cold Blooded Beats). Finessen captures everything in his life and makes you see it as you hear the words spit into the mic. Using great rhymes that are creative and vibrant, albeit totally explicit, Finessen tells us a story of carnal passion. It sounds like he’s a performing a freestyle live.

Finessen-CoverFinessen shines bright. You can feel the emotion he brings to the track as he talks about troubles in a relationship with somebody else’s girl. He is one of those rappers whose style is unlike any other in the game currently. With “Waste Your Time Ft. Money Mu”, Finessen shows that he is a creative force in the world of new-jack R&B and Rap; with his raunchy lover man image and X-rated lyrics. This track creates a complex drama of sex and love in the heart of the city.

Waste Your Time Ft. Money Mu” is melodic and soulful in a bluesy way. The rhymes are crisp, sharp and bold – how else would you call and opening line that starts with, “Do he fuck you right?” This cat is definitely doing his thing. I can’t express enough how excellent the production by Cold Blooded Beats is here; the whole track has a warm and dark feeling which definitely pulls you into it.

You don’t necessary have to be a hip-hop fan to like this track, since its genre bending and inventive. Finessen certainly has embraced his rhythmic, smooth side vocally. There are very few rappers that can pull of a smooth R&B side without singing and make it work like this kid here. Finessen spits lyrics with ease, without making any claims to be a battle rapper. He is simply an entertainer who speaks his mind!


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