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FaSho Records Presents Y.T (YourzTruly) – “They Don’t Put It Down Like You”

Y.T (YourzTruly)
Y.T (YourzTruly)

Rapper , singer , songwriter , producer  and recording artists Quartez L. Binns better known as Y.T (YourzTruly), started out as a RnB artist and would later go on to prove to be multi-talented as he took on Hip Hop as a freestyle rap battler, showcasing his lyrical skills on his first album “1st Impression”.  Known for his diverse style and musical creativity, YourzTruly is the first artist to be released on the FaSho Records label.

Currently FaSho Records is releasing some highly anticipated singles “Bow”, “Like You”, “Them Get it Girls” and “They Don’t Put It Down Like You”, off of the Y.T (YourzTruly) debut album entitled “1st Impression”.

Every couple of weeks I navigate the music scene in search of new and different music that isn’t bombarding the public on the radio yet. While on a daily basis I receive bucket loads of music straight to my desk.  As you can imagine, there is allot of garbage, but it’s gems like this artist that make those hunts worthwhile. “They Don’t Put It Down Like You”, is a hot track with a funky, soulful bumping syncopated beat and great multi-layered harmonies intertwining with each other. While Y.T (YourzTruly) lays down some fresh and tight melodic vocals to uplift and energize the soul.

yt-400The point here is that whatever Y.T (YourzTruly) sings, has his stamp all over it and unlike many (even more experienced acts) his production is tight and not self-indulgent. “Them Get It Girls” is just as good and shows Y.T’s versatility as he raps his way through this one.

The compositions I heard are all first rate, and Y.T’s execution of them in the studio can be summed up in one phrase: attention to detail. He never lets tricks get in the way of the melodies or messages he’s trying to convey, and he knows when to leave his fingers off of the knobs on the soundboard and just let the music flow.

These songs pack a rich texture of musical flavors to keep you going back for more. There’s no way that Y.T (YourzTruly) cannot know he’ll be getting his props soon enough!

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