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    Adam Jones

    What is insane is how this review and your review of the new 2kx contain the same wording. Since you are being paid to write a good review shouldn’t you at least use different wording?

    1. 2.1

      Rick Jamm

      The following piece was strategically and specifically placed into the current review: What is so strong about this album is that each piece is archetypal. Each is the definitive version of itself. From the virtuosic “Taste of Expectation” to the introspective “Pretty Harp Parker” to the theatrical “Moon in a Chinese Sky” and the epic, fairy-tale-like “Aspiration”, all the music is strange, new and familiar at the same time. You may think you’d heard it before and elsewhere, but until this recording came along, you hadn’t.

      You’ll even find a couple more allusions if you read carefully. I might have thought that a fine mind like yours would have picked it up. When you’ve finally worked out why Lisa Larue and that specific phrase is in both reviews get back to me and we’ll discuss it on a deeper level. And maybe I ‘ll explain subliminal trackback writing to you!


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