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Extraordinaire SHIFTING GEARS Featuring LIL BOOSIE BAD ASS & BLACK FOLK INC has a defiant, freestyle lyrical quality!

Walter Lee AKA Walter Lee Younger EXTRAORDINAIRE is a producer, songwriter, hustler, one half of the group @blackfolkinc and founding member of @circa94beats. Walter Lee was born in Music City USA Nashville, Tennessee. He spent a great deal of time between his hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia growing up – where he was surrounded by beats, lyricist and creativity. This gave the budding musical artist a vantage point in developing his sound by the time he entered Middle Tennessee State University’s acclaimed Recording Industry program.

While learning and honing his skills with lyrics and beats, EXTRAORDINAIRE learned ‘His Sound’; a sound that has been heard on stages and radios worldwide. BMI affiliate EXTRAORDINAIRE, has won the Chattanooga Independent Artist Awards in 2003 and 2006. He has produced, performed, and toured with some of the best in the industry.

In the midst of tragedy and mishap, while he continued to experience the loss of close friends that he had built his music foundation with, Walter Lee aka EXTRAORDINAIRE , gave birth to his more conscious and artistic side. On the 15th of April EXTRAORDINAIRE is set to release his latest single “Shifting Gears” on iTunes, via Southern Comfort Entertainment.

Man this dude doesn’t fail to provide us with a track on fire here. On “Shifting Gears” his slamming and banging it. I’m not sure if EXTRAORDINAIRE wrote this down first, or did it straight off the dome, as this is straight flowing to the beat!

EXTRAORDINAIRE doesn’t let the beat dictate what he wants to say, he just flips it around and makes the beat work with him. He is one of those artists that don’t overwork the monotone flow; he spits his rhymes with feeling, flowing through the beat like water out of the faucet.

Yeah, I know we all like conscious hip hop and political hip hop and underground, but sometimes there’s just no substitution for good party music, heavy lifting music and just plain hype music. “Shifting Gears” delivers with a solid production and spot-on features by LIL BOOSIE BAD ASS & BLACK FOLK INC.

I’m big on beats and Extraordinaire SHIFTING GEARS Featuring LIL BOOSIE BAD ASS & BLACK FOLK INC not only serves up a thumping fresh beat, but also a defiant, freestyle lyrical quality. SHIFTING GEARS is hot, so when it gets out, make sure you own it. Especially if you’re feeling down and out, this will definitely get you hyped up for sure. As you can really relate to some of the things he talks about in the song.

Seriously folks, “SHIFTING GEARS” is out 15 April, don’t miss it if you’re a rap fan!





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