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Emporium: “THE ELECTRIC EMPORIUM” is a great merging of indie pop with lots of psychedelic feel

As a rock and pop enthusiast I hate to think of these genres as being dead, but rather of them being somewhat absent in a respectable level at this point in the music business. Therefore, I’d rather think of it as being on vacation, while the modern trends in pop music get a chance to rule the land. However, having said that, at least some bands are doing it right. Emporium started to impress me when I first heard their single on the Gloomy Shadows” about a month back.

Now the Scottish band bounce right back with an entire album of songs. London-based, composer and producer Ewan McKenzie infuses a good amount of styles together and creates a groovy, space like feel. It took me a while to accept the fact that this album is not overrated, as it thrives on its own simplicity; but the fact is, this is an amazing record; that it has been composed, played and produced in 2015, to my mind, makes it pure genius!

emporium-electric-uninvitedThe album “THE ELECTRIC EMPORIUM” is a great merging of indie pop with lots of psychedelic feel. The group goes off the handle in nearly every track, taking the lyrics, harmonies and atmosphere beyond the top, but it works on all accounts. Every song fits into the fold nicely, and I would have to agree that this as a five star album all the way. From the moment the album’s second single, “The Uninvited”, kicks things off, the recordings are packed with bits and pieces of eccentric, harmonic lullabies from electro-pop to neo-psychedelia sounds. It’s an amazing album that trances you in every bit of every song.

Catchy, upbeat, and a teeny tiny little bit trippy. You’ll find yourself randomly getting these songs stuck in your head in the middle of the day.  Kaleidoscopic in sonic reach, they tread eclectic, yet familiar ground laid out by another musical era. “Teresa”, the lead single, “Gloomy Shadows”, “Strange Daze” and “Angel And The Dark One” will flip your mind back to legendary 60’s bands, straight through to the delicate but sweeping synth-pop melodies of acts like Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. This is music that will stand the test of time. The songwriting is top notch and the music euphoric. Though retro in its origins, the music of Emporium manages to evoke sounds from some kind of higher, future universe where everything glows and sings in harmony.

“THE ELECTRIC EMPORIUM” is a highly listenable journey with a surprise around every corner. A sweet mixture of electronics, straightforward pop, and throwback vocals, this album will grab you with the first cut and keep you hanging on wide-eyed for a mystical roller coaster ride you’ll want to return to again and again. Highly recommended for those who love indie pop and rare hallucinogenic flowers!


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