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Earl Ray Da Ogre: “The Manster EP” – a brand new ‘old school’ Ep, thoroughly enjoyable, addictive, emotional and positive.

Born and raised in Oak Cliff, TX, the Earl Ray Da Ogre is straight forward with his delivery, pulling no punches and devoid of flashing lights. He is angry, opinionated, and he is abrasively unrelenting in his quest of world domination. The Ogre does hip hop his way with no compromising for anyone. Earl Ray Da Ogre has a love for the color blue, fast cars, and absolute carnage. With a catalog that includes fan favorites such as Unhappy Gilmore and The World vs. Raymond Cook, Da Ogre has had a substantial impact on the underground scene over the last few years.

He has also had success with his protégé The Brazilian Bambino as the group Foreign Familia. Releasing the mixtape North Amercan Muscle, South American Hustle, as well as the full length LP From Brazil to Oak Cliff. Now Earl Ray Da Ogre has dropped The Manster EP.

Earl Ray Da Ogre
Earl Ray Da Ogre

For any doubters out there, it is now official – Earl Ray Da Ogre is a force in hip-hop. In music once can be a fluke, but twice is a pattern. This Ep is as good, if not better than anything he has done before which is especially impressive because he has always set the bar high on each release.

Da Ogre’s voice is coupled with a signature delivery and top-notch lyrics, while his flow has coalesced into one of the best in the underground industry – bar none! Earl Ray Da Ogre is slowly carving out a niche for himself, as arguably one of hip-hop’s smartest rappers but if you truly listen to The Manster EP it’s hard to argue that he is talking over people’s heads.

With The Manster EP, Earl Ray Da Ogre seems to have found that elusive balance between hip-hop that is intelligent but not “preachy”; deeply soulful but not boring; and non-commercial but not poorly produced or unfriendly to radio. In fact Da Ogre scores big by keeping features to a minimum and relying on guest appearances by underground luminaries, like Crim Cayne, Don Claude and Elle Hobss, who all hold it down perfectly.

At the same time Earl Ray Da Ogre has entrusted almost the entire Ep production to DJ Drop The Mic, bar one track, which is handled by K. Anthony. This ensures that The Manster EP stays pretty cohesive in sound and all-around atmosphere.

The Manster EP introduces itself with the “Mad Scientist Intro” skit and closes down with the “Mad Scientist Outro”, in between there are another 6 meaty tracks to dig your teeth into. The pick of the bunch for me, being Make It Produced By DJ Drop The Mic, Express Hit Produced By DJ Drop The Mic, Counterfeit Featuring Crim Cayne Produced DJ Drop The Mic, and Tears Of The Night Featuring Elle Hobbs Produced By K. Anthony

These songs form a bridge from underground to the mainstream and straight to old school rap. It never even occurred to me that a brand new ‘old school’ Ep could be so thoroughly enjoyable, addictive, emotional and positive. Not only did Earl Ray Da Ogre further convince me about the world of underground rap with The Manster EP, but he gave me a reason to hope that maybe hip-hop isn’t a lost art after all.


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