Dr.Wiggz: “I AM DRWIGGZ” – witty wordplay and infectious rhymes

Dr.Wiggz is the man. His flow is sick and his delivery is wicked. Rappers out there usually lack one of two things. They either have a good beat, and lack skill, or they have good skill, but lack beat and flow. Well not Dr.Wiggz. He delivers incredibly, on both counts here. Dr.Wiggz is very intelligent and seems to find humor in just about anything, while his voice is totally different from most other rappers.

On his latest 10-track release, “I AM DRWIGGZ” he brilliantly showcases his lyrical skills with unique raw style and wit. While many of today’s emcees either ride on other’s coattails to gain unproclaimed fame or consistently emphasize the idea of using powerhouse producers to keep heads bopping, but still leave fans with nothing to gain from their uninspiring and whack lyrics, Dr.Wiggz evenly and successfully covers all bases.

Dr.Wiggz digs in deep with the girls-and-sex theme on this album, dishing out a fair share of expletives, but he does it with such tongue-in-cheek gusto, making the tracks really hard to resist. Checkout Bitches on Bitches (feat. Filth Nasty), Straight Rocks (feat. VEK VEK & Andre Mac), Hold My Back While She Twerk Me, Boppin To This Beat, to hear what I mean.


The thing I like the most about Dr.Wiggz is that he stays consistent and he doesn’t change his style unnecessarily. He’s a one of a kind rapper with a flow like no one else and he’s probably one of the funniest and most clever indie rappers too. You can usually tell by his cartoon-like album covers what you’re going to be getting.

Dr.Wiggz is more than just a rapper though, as he produces his own music – another rarity among the hip hop brotherhood. “I AM DRWIGGZ” is no exception, as Dr.Wiggz’ self-made beats deliver a royal platform for each track on the album. Dr.Wiggz also demonstrates great storytelling techniques and a knack of making big, phat choruses that will stick in your head. Everything however is always layered with a dose of humor to lighten up the atmosphere.

Dr.Wiggz is dropping it real hot lately and this album proves it is not a fluke. Since reviewing some of his stuff a few months back, he again makes it clear on “I AM DRWIGGZ” that he hasn’t lost an ounce of the witty wordplay and infectious rhymes usually associated with his music.


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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