“Down and Out” – LeVirya seduces with silky synths, an intoxicating beat and an eloquent trumpet

Late bloomer Léon Permentier aka LeVirya has just begun to grow his love for electronic music. Being a true music lover for most of his life he never got much further than playing tunes on his guitar until he discovered the magic of digital audio workstations. With his background in rock music, 34 year old Netherlands based producer LeVirya showcases just what happens when you blend bizarre Trip Hop and cooling Jazz Vibes.

LeVirya-coverOn his track Down and Out”, LeVirya seduces you into silence with his silky synths layered with an intoxicating electronic beat and an eloquent trumpet. This is electronica for the thinking soul who is seeking inner peace. Perfect for late night relaxation or an escape any time of the day you are seeking beauty in warm layers of comfort. If you are a devoted fan of trip-hop, ambient, chillout and softer electronica, and have heard just about every artist of these genres. LeVirya somehow has created a sound much more spiritual, groovy and inspiring with this track.

Beauty is often described as the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit, but LeVirya takes the meaning to new levels and heights. Throughout “Down and Out”, your ears, mind, body and soul will experience a rare feeling of oneness. The tone and rhythm washes over you in a fresh and cleansing way that gives you a feeling of renewed spirit.

This track is an out of the world experience that will long stay in your mind for it provides the ultimate chill experience. Listeners will rejoice in discovering LeVirya. This unique blend of music is true poetry in motion. LeVirya took care that you’ll be in for a deep, touching, exciting and utterly positive experience with “Down and Out”. LeVirya’s aim is to communicate, to inspire and to stimulate.


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