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DOG SOCIETY Premières – “In The Shade” – From The Upcoming Album!

Coming full circle after their major label debut Test Your Own Eyes (East-West / Atlantic Records) and their critically acclaimed 2013 release, Emerge, the renowned NYC pop rock collective, Dog Society; Brian Schnaak, Bruce Erik Brauer, Rich Guerzon, and Joe Ranieri, showcase their prowess in the first release and title-track off their highly-anticipated upcoming studio album, In the Shade.

The “In the Shade” single is about as close to flawless as there is in today’s rock music, compared to most modern psychedelic albums reminiscent of the late sixties and early seventies era. With the current track and upcoming album, this NYC band is ready to rise to the forefront of those bands ushering in a new age of genuine psychedelic rock.

Their bubbling harmonies flow like champagne froth, in an overflowing flute of frizzing flavor. And like all the very best psychedelia, the presage of guitar-induced pandemonium is ever imminent, but always kept in check by vigorous doses of sublime melody.

Dog Society deliver beautiful, high caliber kaleidoscopic rock with an oscillating 60s vibration, that never strays too far away from its underlying pop sensibilities. The music is melodious and yielding, yet urgent and inebriant in its own way. I am reminded of early Pink Floyd, The Beatles, King Crimson and a host of other memorable bands.
In the Shade is an amazing song by a creative and unique band. The lyrics tell you just enough of the story, so that you can fill in the rest from your own experiences, and make it become your own song! Beautiful, Lennon-esque vocals, an epic rhythm section and an inspired blend of the best psychedelic influences infused with their own style, do the rest to make Dog Society a rewarding and exhilarating listen for fans of any rock genre.

With this release, Dog Society takes a definite step above most retro-rockers, by incorporating more contemporary elements in their music and simply by writing really memorable songs.

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