Chemical Refugee: “Therapy Song” – a thought provoking, psychedelic head trip!

Chemical Refugee is described as an Australian psychedelic combo on a quest to turn their songs into true experiences, bridging the gaps between different media, genres and expressions of story-telling. Working and recording in the dirtiest basements and motel rooms of Sydney’s infamous red light district, the band set out to establish a unique formula, driven by their first-hand accounts of life in the city. The latest experimental, alternative-rock track is the “Therapy Song”.

Initially, I was more impressed with band’s description of their creative processes than with the music itself. But something about the slow-burning, driving rhythm, the slap-bang, hard-hitting drums, and the screaming processed lead vocals drew me in. The amazing mounting feeling, verse after verse, as the crunchy guitars brought the song closer to what seemed like its epic moment, kept me re-listening to it…over and over again.

chemical-refugee-350And that ‘drawing me in’, captured and mesmerized me to appreciate the sonic parameters of a track which is quite experimental and daring, with some extremely honest and startling musical juxtapositions. Overall I’m left with a feeling of gratitude for the “Therapy Song” – it’s exceptionally honest, it’s extremely ambitious and passionate, and written to engage a specific theme, reaching towards the heart and mind, rather than just to ‘strike a chord’ with the masses.

I’m very glad I put some extra effort into listening to the “Therapy Song”. Chemical Refugee appeals to me as band whose work seems to view rock music as something to develop over an extended period of time, with depth, rather than just create and maintain a state of heightened, temporary public acceptance. Translated, this means that Chemical Refugee doesn’t come across as one of those flashy rock bands looking for that one-hit song. They seem to be working on a long term concept.

The result is a challenging consciousness and thought provoking, psychedelic head trip for anybody who likes their rock as real and as raw as possible. “Therapy Song” will creep into the deepest, darkest parts of your soul. Highly recommended!


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