Chay Bella: “I Just Wanna (Parties)” repping for the ladies!

Chay Bella the young songwriter, poet, and artist has been writing since the age of eight and recording music since she was eleven. With the release of her first mixtape, “Chapter One”, she gained support from new and old fans worldwide by the age of sixteen.  She released a second mixtape entitled “Survival of the Fittest”. Becoming a new social media buzz, she gained popularity with hundreds of thousands of fans on Myspace landing millions of profile views and music plays.

Chay Bella
Chay Bella

She is currently working on her latest project The BELLAmentary which features a short documentary about the artist for her fans. Chay Bella has also dropped her new summer jam single “I Just Wanna (Parties)”.

Chay is one of the few females that can actually lay it down proper. She combines her lyrics with provocative attitude and strong sexual content, which will obviously create an audience that hungers for this style. If you’re looking to listen to a hot single with hot production and lyrics that are off the hook then you have to check this out.

Chay has stepped her game up here, compared to her other tracks, leaving the listener with 4 minutes of pure, slow jam, party fire. If you are looking for raps with deep meanings and social talk, then this is definitely not the track. But if you’re looking for a young lady whose got skills on the mic and in writing a cheeky little banger, then stop right here!

Chay Bella can really spit worthy raps as she reps for all the females and showing the fella’s that women can also choose to do whatever they want and have a good time doing it!

Chay should be able to reach a much wider type of fan base with “I Just Wanna (Parties)”. If you haven’t heard it yet your ears are missing something seriously sexy and enjoyable!


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