CAZRATI: “Electro Synth” – progressive versatility with with old school dance-club sense!

CAZRATI is a driven, passionate and charismatic DJ & Producer with a truly unique approach to his sound. His brand new single is listed on Youtube as “Electric Synth 2015 Club House” and it is part of CAZRATI’s upcoming studio album.

I have been disappointed with some dance/electronic tracks released recently, but CAZRATI brings an original feel to his latest single, “Electro Synth”. He is leading an as-yet undefined new chapter in electronic music; a powerful, positive, uplifting, huge sound that looks to the future without forgetting the classic 90s era. This track is progressive enough to be relevant to today’s crowd yet has enough throwback references to make you feel nostalgic about your teens.

cazrati-400CAZRATI has created an indelible offering with “Electro Synth”. The kaleidoscope of styles blended into this track is an absolute dancefloor treat. The arrangement is up-beat and pumping, with a lilting and haunting, bright melody. It’s rhythmic pace is both compelling and addictive, while the deep, layered and melting synths, sync in a perfectly harmonious way.

CAZRATI shows off a high level of progressive versatility while nevertheless providing a consistently old school ‘dance-club’ sense of fun and adventure in his music. It certainly would be fun to zip about a big city in the middle of the night with this blaring through the car!

What sets CAZRATI and “Electro Synth” apart for me is the track’s almost wholly uplifting and positive sound. All the way through you’re motivated to feeling positive while the melody washes over you.

While there is certainly something familiar about the sound, there is also a fresh feeling, which despite the nostalgic sound, is not something you would have found in the era it seems to take some of its cues from.

CAZRATI could not have come at a better time, with a uniquely blended electronic sound that helps him stand out in the crowd – regardless of whether that crowd is from the past… or directly from the future!

If you are not dancing while listening to “Electro Synth”, there is something seriously wrong with you!!


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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