BookT: “Marty McFly” balances intelligent hip-hop grit with banging club sonics and much more!

Coming from Raleigh, North Carolina, Book T found his passion for hip-hop while studying for his bachelor’s degree at UNC-Pembroke. He found that writing lyrics and producing beats gave him an outlet to express his view of the world he came from and the world he wanted to live in.

In 2005 he released his first album entitled Scriptures. While finishing school, BookT traveled the state performing but always bringing it full circle by making the biggest splash in his hometown of Raleigh, NC.  BookT’s first mixtape, Datbullshit was released in 2010, and entered R&B/Hip-Hop mixtape charts that April. A year later he released Datbullshit 2 and it also created a buzz. In a 2012 concert in Raleigh, NC; local artists found themselves dubbing BookT “Mr. Highly Educated” based on his intelligent lyrics and earned college degrees.

The mixtape cover
The mixtape cover

His last mixtape Red Nose Reign (2013) garnished major attention from music industry professionals which lead him to move to the West Coast to create a larger following. In 2015, BookT has a new sound and is ready to share it with the world. With the release of his new mixtape Marty McFly and new team behind him, BookT is confident this will make him the new face of Hip Hop. He is adamant that this new mixtape will launch him into the spotlight and create anticipation for his long awaited studio album Music For Your Mamma.

Marty McFly is the highly anticipated mixtape from Raleigh-born rapper BookT. The 18 track recording features a stellar line-up of collaborations with various producers including Cyrov, Rappin Manual, HHSOLID, DJ L Beats, Blue Nova and BookT himself.

This mixtape really struck a chord with me because the beats and flavors definitely remind me of old school Dre and Snoop with classic West Coast elements all over it and a touch of Kendrick Lamar’s earlier stuff. There are plenty of catchy songs on Marty McFly that end up getting stuck in your head and you just can’t help but bob your head to.


Every track is killer. I put the mixtape on and really let it soak in and it bumps like crazy.  The raw beats are thick as a brick as BookT throws his head noddin’ rhymes all over the top. I kept hearing his smash hit everywhere, with “To the Water (FEELIN MYSELF) Remix)”, “Pop That Booty (feat. ThirdNasty, Prod. by Rappin Manual)”, “What’s Good (feat. ThirdNasty & 2Fold, Prod. BookT)”, “Po Po Crusin Tonight (Prod. by HHSOLID)”, “Be Gone From My Mind (feat. ThirdNasty, Prod. BookT)” and Make It Out (Prod. BookT) representing just some of the standouts.

The mixtape has a few nice features as well, making it clear that with the release of Marty McFly, the melodic wordsmith BookT has set the path for a promising 2015. This emotionally-charged recording is an intoxicating mix of BookT at his most experimental and most accessible, balancing intelligent hip-hop grit with banging club sonics and much, much more.

BookT’s greatest strengths throughout the mixtape is his ear for interesting beat production, and the imagery he uses in his lyrics. For those interested in serious themes – check! For those interested in party themes – check!

Original and humorous, with a creative approach to making music, BookT delivers the perfect mix on Marty McFly!


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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