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Bonita Adele: “New Mountain” – for lovers of good music with a positive spiritual purpose behind it!

Bonita Adele’s songs have been played on numerous radio stations throughout the US and Canada, including on Music Choice. Her song, “Unfinished Business” has enjoyed charting success on the Digital Radio Tracker National Airplay Top 50 R&B Chart for 16 weeks, reaching the #4 position.  Bonita an animal lover, volunteering for animal rescue, foster and transport, is also a veteran performer of the jazz clubs, in and around her home of Philadelphia, where she honed her skills as a heartfelt and introspective songwriter.

Bonita Adele’s recording of “New Mountain” was written by country star, Neal McCoy, and went on worldwide release through Shine On Records on Dec 6th.  It is beautiful poetry that is injected with an angelic voice. It is a song full of love, keeping positive and keeping faith, trying to be the best person you can be, and accepting every challenge that comes your way. Bonita will make you feel the full emotion of the song in this recording.

The cover artwork
The cover artwork

There are so many wonderful, insightful words on this track, as they evoke images of an uplifting fearless spirit.  This moving, entertaining, influential track is a necessity for lovers of good music with a positive spiritual purpose behind it! Yet at times the music and words seemed almost secondary to Bonita’s interpretation, as she doesn’t leave one single emotion out of this track.

Bonita Adele’s voice sends the listener on a wonderful and uplifting journey. To fully appreciate the artistry of the lyrics and music, I would recommend not sitting and half-listening to the track while doing something else, but actually slipping on headphones, closing your eyes, and letting the music sift through you. Bonita comes across as a very, very deep person, and her musical interpretations reflect this.

Every time you listen to “New Mountain“, or any other Bonita Adele track for that matter, you’ll realize that she is beyond being a mature, surefooted music artist, but also that she is a woman who has a thorough understanding of the human condition that few artists have!


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