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BOMBS DROPPING: “WINTER 2014” – Big, cinematic uplifting grooves!

There is clear evidence that the future is bright for BOMBS DROPPING

Giving up a promising career in health care, BOMBS DROPPING decided to focus on crafting music for DJs, athletes, and video games. The last album of 2014’s “Four Seasons” Collection is “WINTER 2014” featuring songs for workouts, driving, video games, clubbing, or digging out of the snow!

BOMBS DROPPING gets full stars due to the immense amount of production value and quality and for hitting all of the above points. What you get here is quality over quantity as the entire album is 40 minutes long. The thing is, you won’t want this album to ever stop. The journey it takes you on and the images it will paint in your mind, the movements your body will be guided to do, are all great and inspiring.

“WINTER 2014”  is the kind of music that will draw people out of a crowd when played in public to ask who the artist is. There is clear evidence that the future is bright for BOMBS DROPPING. He could easily get into film scoring and soundtrack work.
I am truly moved by this album and my quest is to find more like it, sad to say there are few. If you like big, cinematic ambient, uplifting grooves, that constantly change, evolve and surprise you with new hooks and sound effects, this album is destined to please!

BOMBS DROPPING makes music that is kinetic and listenable at the same time. On reading the album title, I was expecting some melancholy down-tempo sounds. Instead, apart from the track “Holiday Spirit”, BOMBS DROPPING creates whole worlds of energetic sounds to explore through hard-hitting rhythms, world music influences, and incredible mind bending synths. I highly recommend this music for folks interested in electronic music with a dubstep flavor, and for people just looking for original, inspired, passionate new music.

Standout tracks for me are, “Motherfucker”, “People Just Starring @ Screens”, “December” and “Revolutionary”.

Overall BOMBS DROPPING has managed to create a stunningly complex, psychedelic sound, which is deep, dark, soulful, sensitive, sharp-toothed, and compellingly easy to listen to many times over! His bone-shuddering basses mixed in with thoughtful melodic sequences are sure to please

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