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Blizzard: “Grey” – a general sense of absolutely infectious epic melodrama

Blizzard is a Canadian recording artist who years ago took a look at his life and said: “It’s time to leave my day job and get my dreams in order.” Blizzard packed up all his things and hit the road with a handful of tunes. After travelling for 4 years developing his craft and developing a fanbase, he spent another four years mastering his skills in the recording studio.

During that time he produced two studio albums, “The Puppets Lament” and “The Architect of Perfect Sadness”. Currently Blizzard has released the single, “Grey”, which is taken from the album, “The Architect of Perfect Sadness”.


There are very few New Wave, Synth-Pop and Pop-Rock artists that have a sound coming from the 80s squeezed through the ever-shape-shifting landscape of the 90s and reaching through to the2000s. Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark and New Order are the untouchables of those artists.

Likewise, Blizzard has inherited that same magical music aura in his songs. So when I pressed play on “Grey”. Everything I love in music is present – an enticing and beautiful melody, lush synthesizers and acoustic guitars, gorgeous vocals, and a general sense of absolutely infectious epic melodrama. It’s the kind of music that you want to blast over the stereo when you’re alone at home, to sing to as loud as you can when you’re driving, to listen to endlessly on your headphones before you go to bed, the kind of music you don’t want anyone else to know you love, which makes you love it even more. In a word – its timeless!

“Grey” sounds simultaneously old and wonderfully fresh to me. Blizzard indeed has a golden voice- extremely clear, deep in a few moments, very lyrically superb and well-suited to this marvelous song. Everything is framed with splendid sounds, which are simply made for each other. Everything goes smoothly; composed music, vocals, and lyrics which I can listen to forever. Every segment on this track is a small masterpiece of art. Trying to think of a well-known comparison today is tough; I’ll need to go back to tuneful creations from the 80’s, such as Eurythmics, Culture Club, A-ha, and Depeche Mode.

I have no doubt that everyone who listens to “Grey” will be pleased, because this track fascinates the listener with alternative electronic music, simplicity and melody. Any fans of 80’s synthesizer-based music however, will absolutely love Blizzard!


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