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“Being Crazy” – Daddy Pain is rapping with a purpose!

Escondido rapper Roman Velasco aka Daddy Pain grew up enduring unimaginable mental, physical and sexual abuses.  These incidents have left him with painful scars that propelled him into mental hospitals. Velasco has used his life experiences as inspiration to deliver honest, raw music that will enrapture everyone who hears it.

Velasco treads multiple genres, using different voices and languages to evoke emotion from listeners.  Emerging onto California’s consciousness in 2005 with the track, ‘The Way I Feel,’ he has since gone on to complete various mixtapes and shows under a plethora of monikers and even started up his own label –Masakizt Records.

daddy-pain-logoRoman Velasco describes himself as, “just a person that is lost trying to find myself. I’m a father, son, rapper, producer, podcaster, writer, artist, engineer, graphic designer etc..,” and states: “I wouldn’t change anything in my life because I feel everything happens for a reason and it has made me the person I am today.” 

Now Daddy Pain is back with a new release “Being Crazy”, Produced by Anno Domini Beats and Mixed & Mastered by Bam.

The first thing that’s immediately noticeable with this single is the very distinct style it has. We’re left with a production that’s unlike many of the current mainstream releases. The song shies away from radio-friendly synths and auto-tune. What’s here is an expertly put together ‘slap-bang’ beat with a piano and strings backdrop that sounds simple enough on the surface but goes quite deep and feels like a breath of fresh air when compared to radio-rap music today.

Lyrically, Roman Velasco aka Daddy Pain isn’t just here, but he’s here with his mind ablaze. The song is a 4-minute-long lyrical onslaught about “Being Crazy”; the fake, trendy kind that we all boast about, and the real, serious illness that Velasco has suffered. It’s an intense experience to say the least, as Daddy Pain delivers some heavy-handed lyrics and beautiful production values to go with it.

“Being Crazy” not only sounds great but it’s also very intelligent. No mindless raps here; Roman Velasco aka Daddy Pain is rapping with a purpose!

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